18 Nov 2016

Christmas Crafts for Kids (with free printable)

Who else thinks November is too soon to put up the Christmas decorations? I like to wait until the first week of December to get going. But that does not stop me making my decorations in November.

You heard me. Making your own Christmas decorations is easier than you think. (There's a free printable at the end of the post to help).

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Like this cute Christmas bunting I made a couple of years ago and is now something of a statement piece in our home come Christmas. Or when I overcame my fear of sewing machines to make this bespoke gift sac.

Here are a few easy Christmas decorations I made with my five year old for this season. Some products that came in this month's Bostik craft box have inspired these projects.

The reindeer antlers, the red bauble and the yellow flower bauble were entirely my son's idea. There was absolutely no input from me whatsoever. This is not the first time he has surprised me with his imaginative ideas. I bet it won't be the last!

He twisted a pair of pipe cleaners together to make the headband and then attached another pair to make the antlers. All I did was suggest that he add the beads and the bells to make them more jingly-jangly.

Pipe cleaner reindeer antlers

The red bauble is a piece of red foam shaped like a bauble that J has decorated in his own inimitable style. With sparkles and jewels. 

You would think he would have kept up the trend with the yellow foam flowers. But he chose to break the mould and surprise me, yet again, with a symmetrical and minimalist pattern. It was his idea to glue the two flowers together to enhance the mirroring. I think the whole look is immensely trendy and rather at odds with my gaudy visualisation!

Bejewelled red foam bauble

Minimalist and trendy yellow foam hanging flowers

The angel was crafted with nothing more than a piece of polystyrene decorated with glitter glue. We used a piece of glitter card for the crown and a golden glitter pipe cleaner for the wings.

Polystyrene angel

If you missed my previous post, here is a link to making your own Star Christmas tree topper. You’ll find the video tutorial to take you through the steps along with a free printable to help with your craft.

Star Christmas tree topper

The pièce de résistance of our Christmas crafts has to be the wreath. All we did was stick fabric leaves around a wreath-shaped piece of foam. We then add red sequin detail for the holly and golden lace to help hang the wreath.

Hand-crafted Christmas wreath

I think handcrafted pieces add to the charm of the festive season, don’t you? I hope our easy-to-make Christmas crafts for kids have inspired you to craft some of your own. 

And to make things easier, here is  a free printable template that you can use to shape the wreath and leaves. You can use foam sheets or card paper as your base. Plus, a selection of craft material to help you along the way.  

Disclosure: We were sent a box of craft supplies to take part in the Bostik craft challenge. This post contains affiliate links.

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