24 Nov 2016

Bellz! Magnetic Game Reviewed

Christmas is a month away and it’s all about bells at the moment. Sleigh bells, handcrafted reindeer antler bells and me belting out Jingle Bells in a choir. Let’s add some more Bellz to the mix.

Bellz! Magnetic Game Reviewed

No, I do not need a spell checker. Bellz is a fun and challenging magnetic game from Spin Master. It is called Bellz for one simple reason. You get to play with lots of jingly-jangly bells. 40 of them. In three sizes and four colours. So you have large, medium and small bells in green, gold, blue and pink.

Bellz - fun, challenging magnetic game

The idea of the game is to use the magnetic wand that comes as part of the game to collect all 10 bells in your choice of colour. You can use either the broad or narrow end of the magnetic wand to pick the bells. And you are not allowed to pick up bells that are not your chosen colour. The player to collect them first wins the game.

Pick up all the bells of one colour to win

We have been playing Bellz over the last few days and been having lots of fun with it. J insists on playing by his rules. Given that he is only 5, I guess he is allowed to. He can use his fingers to move obstructing bells out of his way so he gets to collect all the ones of his colour. He gets to keep all the bells he has collected when his turn is over. And he gets to use both ends of the wand in a single turn. No wonder I have yet to win a game!

But in all fairness, I love how Bellz is improving his focus, dexterity and strategic thinking. Should I pick the largest bell first, so that it sticks to the little ones? Do I start on the outside and work my way in? Do I pick one bell at a time? Nah, just grab as many as I can!

I can see him thinking, wand in hand, little hand poised over the playing field.

Magnetic wand lifts the metal bells

Another huge positive about Bellz is that it tidies away neatly in a travel pouch. All the 40 bells, the magnetic wand and the playing instructions fit inside nicely. You open the pouch, flatten it out and start playing. I can see it fitting nicely in a travel backpack without taking up too much space.

Space saver travel pouch to hold Bellz

40 jingle Bellz this Christmas. How many can you collect?

Disclosure: We were sent a set of Bellz for this review. All opinions are my own.

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Bellz! a fun and challenging magnetic game

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