24 Oct 2016

A Bejewelled Lamp for Diwali and Bonfire Night

Diwali and Bonfire Night. The former is the Hindu Festival of Lights. The latter, a celebration of the failure of a 400 year old terrorist plot in the UK.

Both in essence signify the victory of good over evil. Both are celebrated with lights and fireworks.

A hand-crafted bejewelled lamp to add some sparkle this Diwali. You can use it to shine bright on Bonfire Night as well.

The primary celebratory decoration for Diwali is lights. The words means rows of lamps and is traditionally celebrated by decorating the house and surroundings with row upon row of oil lamps.
Now, the task was to create a craft for bonfire night. I have taken the creative liberty to extend the brief to cover Diwali. And instead of the more obvious fireworks craft, we have opted to make an easy yet effective clay lamp. One that we can use for Diwali as well as for Bonfire Night. And not unlike the traditional kiln-baked, orange-brown muddy clay lamps I grew up seeing my mother light around our home for Diwali.

Fashioned out of air-drying modelling clay and jewels

All we needed was a lump of modelling clay. The kind that is soft, pliable and air dries with ease. In a break from tradition, J modelled it into a square shape instead of the conventional oval or round. Then followed up with glitter glue and jewel decorations to complete our glittery, bejewelled lamp.

A Bejewelled Lamp for Diwali and Bonfire Night

Once dry, we placed a little battery-operated tea light in the centre. Our beautiful, hand-crafted 'diya' or lamp was ready for the festivities.

If you are looking to make a tea-light holder that does not involve modelling clay, but is just as sparkly and beautiful, do check out this other option that we crafted a while ago.

Hand-crafted bejewelled diya for Diwali

Disclosure: We were sent craft materials as part of the Bostik Craft challenge.

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