4 Sep 2016

Seagull Splat - A Poo (New!) Game

The summer holidays are drawing to a close and they have been a bit of a mixed bag as far as the weather goes. We have had scorching heat with temperatures soaring higher than in Gran Canaria. And then there have been those distinctly dull and dreary days when it felt more like autumn than summer.

Seagull Splat - A Poo (New!) Game

It is just such rainy days that need an extra something to keep spirits up and everyone feeling happy. This summer, we were trying out Seagull Splat – the new family game by University Games. Turns out, it is perfect for some rainy day fun.

Having played Don’t Rock the Boat, we already knew what University Games can do when it comes to fantastic, fun-filled family games. Seagull Splat did not disappoint. A game based on poo! I would have been surprised had it not raised a laugh.

The focal point of this game is a cheeky Seagull. It is plastic with wings that can be made to flap. It has a tail, which when squeezed, dispenses the poo splat. The poop is actually foam solution that comes in a bottle and has to be filled in the seagull through a hole in its head. A small plastic plug keeps the ‘poo’ inside the bird when not in play.

Seagull Splat - the cheeky new game by University Games

There are four family character cards in four colours, so that each player gets a family of mum, dad and two kids in the colour of their choice. And a spinner. The idea of the game is to avoid your beach-loving, sun-bathing family from being pooped on by the seagull. If the poo splat lands on your card, that card is out of the game. Last card standing (or lying down on a beach towel, in this case) wins the game.

Seagull Splat!

Easy enough, you would say. But not when the highly competitive C-household sits down to play. It  started off well enough. J was having a blast flying the bird all over and making it poop. The seagull was landing splats with insane accuracy. My blue family were being splatted straight out of the game.

Play fair or not at all!

And then the accusations began to fly. You would think we were Olympians in pursuit of gold medals. “You are cheating!” “Stop cheating!” “I’m not playing anymore.” There was drama, there were tears. But we soldiered on and J won fair and square in the end. I think.

That was our first tryst with Seagull Splat. We have played the game lots of times since, and things have got better. Especially as I have been firm about the ‘Everyone play nice, or we don’t play’ rule.

Family games are for bonding. They are a learning experience for young and old alike. You learn to share, to take turns and to play fair. Seagull Splat does all that. Plus it is cheeky and makes you giggle. 

We might have come to the end of summer, but this is one game that is certain to entertain any time of the year. I can see it being a hit with all the family come Christmas. Is it too soon to mention the C-word?

You can now buy Seagull Splat via Amazon. Just go through the link below, straight to the online shop.

Disclosure: We were sent a review sample in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. My son loves the look of this game and I'm sure it will be on his Christmas list this year xx


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