11 Aug 2016

Read and Play Dinosaur by Miles Kelly

What is it with humans and dinosaurs? Ever since Jurassic Park the film hit our screens all those years ago, we can’t seem to get enough of these fascinating creatures. Perhaps the fact that they are extinct and we have to rely entirely on fossils and speculative research to decipher what they were like that makes them so interesting. For nothing triggers imagination better than presumptive evidence.

We in the C-house are not immune to the charms of these great lizards. We have had our fair share of dinosaur-based play in the past and are always open to embark on new adventures with these marvellous beasts.

Read and Play Dinosaur by Miles Kelly

That is precisely what we have been doing with the new Read and Play Dinosaur activity pack from Miles Kelly publishing.

We have had previous experience of the innovative genius at Miles Kelly. Their train convertible book/model was a super success with J. This new dinosaur activity pack is pretty much in the same league. It contains different dino-themed play pieces, neatly housed in a pack and carry cardboard case that doubles up as a pre-historic play scene once opened.

In the box is a picture story book, a dinosaur activity book, a circular jigsaw puzzle, four 3-D pop out dino figures, a ludo and draughts board along with play pieces.

J is now reading independently and has managed to read the book cover to cover with just a little bit of help. We are doing the reading challenge this summer, and although this book may not count towards it, it has given him fantastic reading practice. He has also enjoyed the activity book with its many puzzles and games. We have popped out and constructed the 3-D dino figures that came in the pack. He did need parental assistance to slot them in and secure them with some glue. Otherwise they just kept coming apart.

His favourite piece has to be the jigsaw puzzle. We have never had a circular puzzle before, and it is an added challenge when there are no edges to work with. Do you start at the centre and work your way out? Or do you start on the outer circle and work your way in? A bit of a quandary, which my son has tackled with focus and determination.

We have had a go playing ludo with the pieces that came with the set. I have to say, they are small cardboard dots that seem to go missing every time we pack them away. Also, the spinning dice is cumbersome to use. We have worked around this problem by using pieces from another game.

Overall, I am pleased with this Read and Play Dinosaur activity pack. It is great entertainment for the holidays, and the carry case means you can take it away with you on holiday. Win!

You can now buy this from the Miles Kelly website or from Amazon via the link below.

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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