4 Aug 2016

Num Noms Party at Bella Italia

Remember the Num Noms? Those cute little scented collectibles that I talked about? Well, they are back and now there’s more of them. And they are in party mode.  So we headed over to our local Bella Italia (one of our favourite family-friendly restaurants, btw) to party with them.

Num Noms Party at Bella Italia

The Num Noms were everywhere. The motorised ones were scuttling across the floor. The stationary ones were sat there waiting to be played with.

It didn’t take J too long to settle down for a play. The Num Nom ice cream van caught his particular attention. He was role playing, driving the van and dispensing my favourite flavours of Num Noms at £9,999 a scoop! Extortionist, if you ask me. But I played along all the same, voicing only the occasional protest at how dear ice cream was these days.

J’s highlight was when he designed his own pizza. Bella Italia make gorgeous pizzas and it was nice to see my son layering their delicious toppings to create his own. Given a basic margharita base to play with, J topped up with chicken, salami, mushrooms, peppers and olives. I got to taste a piece when it came out of the oven, and it was delicious.

Making his own pizza at Bella Italia

What party would be complete without party games? So we had a go at stacking Num Noms and designing our own. Who said Num Noms are for kids only? They are fun for grown-ups too. As I found out when decorating one.

Designing my Num Nom

We gave the taste challenge a miss though. I spied pickled onions under one of the sheets and it was enough to dissuade me.

Num Noms Party at Bella Italia

The party finished with the kids eating ice-cream sundaes and heading home armed with a little Num Nom mystery pot. 

You can buy Num Noms now from Amazon. Just follow the link to do your shopping. 

Disclosure: We were invited to attend a Num Noms party at Bella Italia in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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