19 Aug 2016

Are You A Bargain Hunter?

Are you a bargain hunter? I know I am. I can never pay full price knowing I can save a few pennies if I shop around or wait a little for the price to drop.

Are you a bargain hunter? I know I am. I can never pay full price knowing I can save money if I shop around or wait a little for the price to drop. Here are some of my tips and tricks to help you save a few pennies.

It can be time-consuming and perhaps just a little bit frustrating to hop from shop to shop, either online or on the high street, in the hunt for the best bargains. I have recently discovered a very handy website called Bargain Buys for Busy Mums. It lists all the bargains in one place, saving you having to look around all the retailers.

18 Aug 2016

Health and Safety Gone Mad?

Health and Safety rules are there for a reason, to keep everyone safe. Gone are the days when builders scaled scaffolding with no safety gear. Or when people lifted heavy loads with little regard to the damage it was doing to their backs.

There comes a point though, when H&S rules are taken so far that they start bordering on the realms of hilarity.

13 Aug 2016

The Gruffalo's Child at The Lowry

Our relaxed, unstructured existence this summer continued with a visit to The Lowry to watch a performance of The Gruffalo’s Child by Tall Stories.

 The Gruffalo's Child at The Lowry
Image copyright The Lowry/ Tall Stories Theatre

11 Aug 2016

Read and Play Dinosaur by Miles Kelly

What is it with humans and dinosaurs? Ever since Jurassic Park the film hit our screens all those years ago, we can’t seem to get enough of these fascinating creatures. Perhaps the fact that they are extinct and we have to rely entirely on fossils and speculative research to decipher what they were like that makes them so interesting. For nothing triggers imagination better than presumptive evidence.

We in the C-house are not immune to the charms of these great lizards. We have had our fair share of dinosaur-based play in the past and are always open to embark on new adventures with these marvellous beasts.

Read and Play Dinosaur by Miles Kelly

9 Aug 2016

Back to School Crafts: Book Bag Charm

It seems like yesterday that I was fretting about J in his first year of school. We are less than a month away from the start of the new school year and I really don’t want this summer to end. For we are having too much fun, doing nothing and then something.

Try as I might, images of yet-to-be-bought new school shoes and uniforms keep popping into my head. I refuse to be one of those super-organised parents who finish shopping for the new school year even before their kids break up for the summer. I know; I miss out on all the juicy bargains on school things that always seem to be about in the beginning of June. But that’s me. The shopping and name tagging will be in the last week of August, just days before the start of school.

8 Aug 2016

Circus Fun at Dunham Massey

The deer park at Dunham Massey holds some beautiful parenthood memories for me. The park was the inspiration behind my award-winning blog post a couple of years ago. It was where J first toddled across a fallen tree trunk and where he honed his skills on a balance bike. It is where he has fed ducks on the lake, spotted bunny rabbits in the undergrowth and come within inches of touching wild deer. Little wonder then that we keep going back to Dunham Massey to seek more adventure and add to our pool of family memories.

                   Circus Fun at Dunham Massey

4 Aug 2016

Num Noms Party at Bella Italia

Remember the Num Noms? Those cute little scented collectibles that I talked about? Well, they are back and now there’s more of them. And they are in party mode.  So we headed over to our local Bella Italia (one of our favourite family-friendly restaurants, btw) to party with them.

Num Noms Party at Bella Italia

3 Aug 2016

Homemade Ice Cream with Savisto

It may not feel like it but we are half way through another very British summer. The weather is cold, wet and windy but school is out and that can only mean one thing. Ice cream! Lots and lots of lovely ice cream.

We love sweet treats in the C-house. And we all love ice cream. The delicious soft creaminess of an indulgent scoop on a hot day is what summer holidays are all about.

Homemade Ice Cream with Savisto

2 Aug 2016

Selecting a Good Kitchen Backsplash

I was recently at a friend's newly refurbished home, and the one thing that stood out for me was the beautiful backsplash (or splashback) she has used in her kitchen. I have been pondering over a new kitchen for a while now, and a trendy backsplash is something I would love to incorporate in my vision.

Kitchen backsplashes are not just pretty, they have another very important benefit – keeping food off of your walls! This was their original intended purpose, but over the years they have developed into more of a design statement. 

Backsplashes come in all sorts of options. Here, I give you the more commonly used and popular ones.

1 Aug 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: July Update

This month started out with a rainbow. We needed it, after the miserable month we had in June. I take it as a sign of better things to come, a more vibrant, a brighter future. Fingers crossed.

Sky Blanket 2016: July Update

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