5 Jul 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: June Update

What a difference a year makes! Last June saw Britain basking in a heat wave with record temperatures in the late 30s. This year, as if in reflection of the turmoil facing us on the political scene, June has been a largely dull, damp and grey month  with only occasional glimpses of the summer sun. It has been distinctly bleak, again an echo of the general mood in the country. The unseasonable weather means that I have had to abandon my principles of never having the heating on in summer!

Sky Blanket 2016: June Update

Here is a snapshot of the June skies that were the inspiration behind this month's crochet. 

The inspiration behind this month's crochet

June has been an incredibly busy month for me. We had family visiting us for a fortnight over the half term holidays. We travelled to London for a weekend and we spent a few days away in the Lake District. My little boy turned five this month. So as a special treat, we took him on a weekend away to Thomas Land. And I baked cakes. Lots and lots of cakes. All in all, blogging and crocheting took a back seat as Life in general took over. 

Due to time constraints, I am crocheting all rows for June in Double Crochet with a hook size 5. No time for experiments this month!

Here are the details of this month's pattern, from top to bottom, in case you fancy crocheting along. 

Details of this month's crochet pattern in my Sky Blanket

1, 2 - Cream (Hayfield Aran)
3 - skyblue (Rico)
4, 5 - Aster (Stylecraft) London
6 -   Cherry red (Aran hayfield) bbq and paddling pool
7 - Midnight (Stylecraft)
8 - sparkly black for torrential rain
9, 10 - Bluebell (Stylecraft) the Lakes
11, 12 - sparkly black rain
13, 14 - turquoise (Stylecraft)
15, 16 - cloud blue (Stylecraft)
17 - sparkly blue
18,19, 20 - variegated blue-green yarn (Patons Fab DK Aqua colour)
21, 22 - Heather (Hayfield Aran)
23 - half treble in orange (Rico)
24 - half treble in Rainbow Colours (Patons Fab DK) for the gorgeous double rainbow we had today.
25, 26 - Royal (Stylecraft)
27 - Cream (Hayfield Aran)
28, 29 - sparkly black 
30 - Midnight 

Sky Blanket 2016: June Update


  1. You're right June has been a bit grey this year in more ways than one, but your blanket is nice and colourful.

  2. This is so lovely. You did a great job here!!

  3. Your sky blanket looks amazing! Wish I had your talent. You did capture the lovely colours of the sky on a lovely day ;)

  4. Gorgeous blanket - those colours will definitely brighten up some of our dismal 'summer' days! x

  5. I am loving the snapshot of June skies. So pretty.

  6. Yes the weather certainly has reflected the tone of most of the country after the election! Your blanket, however, is stunning. So beautiful and colourful x


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