21 Jul 2016

Now You Are Five

Remember that deliciously decadent drinking chocolate cake I baked the other day? It was a birthday cake for my son who turned five.

The party is over, the cake has been eaten, the presents unwrapped and thank you notes written. I can now sit back and breathe. And find the time to write what it means to be a mother to a five year old little boy.

Now You Are Five: What it means to be a mother to a five year old little boy

This one's for you, J. You are, and always will be my cherished little baby boy.

You are our darling child
The apple of our eye
The blessing in our lives
And now you are five.

Five, a big little age to be
No longer my wee little baby,
"I can do it!" your persistent cry
More grown-up than you ought to be!

Create, construct, lego
Cars, planes and trains
Spaceships, robots, rockets
Superheroes, pirates reign.

Full of abundant energy
Up to and beyond bedtime,
We may struggle to keep up
But you do know your mind!

Your silly antics and funny jokes
Make me laugh when I am cross
Your giggles and infectious laughter,
Wish I could keep them in a treasure box.

Your questions make me think
"Google it, Aai!" your advice,
Answers don't always come easy
But my heart, it bursts with pride.

Thoughtful conversations,
Your words belie your age
I wish I knew what went on
In that five year old little head!

It seems only yesterday when I
Held you, my baby, in my arms,
All too quickly, in the blink of an eye,
You are grown-up, now you are five.

I'm joining the lovely Victoria and her Prose 4 Thought blog linky.


  1. A lovely poem and such a beautiful sentiment too #ptrose4t

  2. This line :- Five, a big little age to be - really caught my eye, its so true! They are big little (my daughter is 6). I am loving the tweenage years, it really is an awesome time. I get great questions!! and yes it comes around far to quickly #prose4T

  3. That line caught my eye too, it just felt so right - they are big, but still little, although don't tell them that! Hope you had a great time celebrating #prose4t

  4. This is beautiful Vai and I hope your boy had a wonderful birthday.This is a poem that he will grow up to cherish one day. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought - it is great to see you :) xx


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