17 Jul 2016

My Plans for This Summer

School is almost out, and we cannot wait to get started with the summer holidays. We still have a week and a bit before we finally break for the summer.

I am not a fan of routines and am really looking forward to a nice, long break of taking it easy. I have a suspicion my son is too!

My Plans for This Summer: something of a summer bucket list. Or just ideas for a good time over the holidays.

Like last year, this year too I want to spend all my time having lots of fun with my son. I did not write out a list beforehand last year, only doing a roundup after summer was over. Thought I'd go one better and list out all the things I hope to get done over summer this year.

  • Spend lots of time outdoors with J, weather permitting. In the back garden or in parks, on the cycle, playing with a ball, bubbles, anything that gets us both out of the house.
  • Read a lot with J, who will be taking on the Summer Reading Challenge at our local library as he did last year and the year before that. This will be rather more pertinent this year, as he can read independently now. 
  • Co-author and illustrate our first story book. It may never be published, but I am looking forward to doing this with my son. It will be our own special story to read together.
  • Make and eat home-made ice-cream.
  • Have picnics and barbecues in the back garden.
  • Fly a kite on the beach.
  • Catch up with friends we don't see much during term-time.
  • Play all day long with anything and everything.
  • Go on a walking holiday, weather permitting.

A few personal goals to throw into the mix:

  • Declutter the house, one room at a time. This includes sorting through and disposing of all the unwanted clutter we have hoarded over the years. I know my son will help me in this, as he always does, when called upon to assist his parents in any task. 
  • Get more organised, me as a person, and the home in general.
  • Do some long-overdue DIY jobs around the house.
  • Achieve the fitness goals I have set for myself. This includes healthy eating, exercise and loosing inches.

Here's to a wonderful summer of sunshine and happiness and having fun with loved ones.


  1. They're some really good plans for the summer. Nothing too big or crazy and everything is achievable!

  2. I could've written this myself! My husband also loves making home-made ice-cream, while this wouldn't be on my list, it would be on his. Also need to do loads of de-cluttering and re-organising. T's last day is on Wednesday. Can't wait :)

  3. It sounds like you have some great plans for the summer. Have a wonderful time x

  4. Some fab plans! I love that you have set some goals for yourself and your family! - we are definitely going to try and get some beach time but I also have some things I want to achieve myself this summer, hopefully we will get some decent weather.

  5. i love a good declutter my self.. i could of made this list myself... everything is doable

  6. What a great list! I haven't really made any summer plans which I hate because my other half is working crazy amounts so can't really make plans. Hope you have an amazing time doing everything! It's also great you've thrown in some personal stuff to achieve!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  7. Sounds like you have it all mapped out - hope you enjoy the break


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