2 Jun 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: May update

May has by and large been a month of glorious blue skies and warm sunshine. It has been a relatively dry month, bar a few days of bleak grey skies and drizzly rain. We even had a couple of massive downpours to compensate for an otherwise summery feel to the month.

Sky Blanket 2016: May Update

Here is a snapshot of the May skies that were the inspiration behind this month's crochet.

The inspiration behind my Sky Blanket 2016

In keeping with the experiment that is my Sky Blanket, I went for an ombre effect with the blues this month. I opted to crochet two rows of each shade of blue from my selection of yarnHere are the details of this month's pattern, from top to bottom, in case you fancy crocheting along.

Sky Blanket 2016: May update

1, 2 - DC in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
3, 4, 5 - DC in bluebell (Stylecraft), hook size 5
6, 7 - DC in aster (Stylecraft), hook size 5
8, 9 -half trebles in skyblue (Rico), hook size 5
10, 11 - half trebles in Royal (Stylecraft), hook size 5
12, 13 - half trebles in Midnight (Stylecraft), hook size 5
14 - Treble crochet in sparkly blue, hook size 5
15, 16 - half trebles in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
17, 18 - half trebles in Heather (Hayfield Aran), hook size 5
19 - half trebles in Cream (Hayfield Aran), hook size 5
20 - half trebles in skyblue (Rico), hook size 5
21 - Treble crochet in sparkly black, hook size 5
22, 23 - half trebles in Turquoise (Stylecraft), hook size 5
24 - DC- chain- DC- chain- DC in variegated red/orange (Vermont), hook 5 for a stunning red-gold sky at sunset. This is similar to a row I did last month
25, 26 - DC in sparkly black, hook size 5, for all the grey and miserable rain 
27, 28 - half trebles in Clementine (Sirdar Ella DK, sparkly yellow), hook size 5
29 - half trebles in variegated blue-green yarn (Patons Fab DK Aqua colour), hook size 5 for the day we visited Geronimo.
30, 31 - half trebles in Cloud Blue (Stylecraft), hook size 5

Sky Blanket 2016: May Update

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Sky Blanket 2016: May Update


  1. Oh wow my lovely, I love the idea behind your sky blanket. It will be such a special blanket, full of meaning and memories. Your sky photos are also stunning. xxx

  2. I am loving your May update those blues are absolutely beautiful. x

  3. What a brilliant idea for a blanket and it's so unique too! It looks lovely, will keep checking in to see how it keeps changing :)

  4. Wow the sky blanket is coming along nicely it's very pretty with all the colours.

  5. What a wonderful idea, the blanket is going to be beautiful nad something that you can keep and pass on.

  6. It looks gorgeous - I would never have the patience to do something like that!

  7. I love how sunny it has been giving us some beautiful skies! Lovely blanket made out of a great inspiration idea!

  8. I have not come across your crochet updates before. Really pleased to have seen this one. I love how this project is inspired by the sky. I've not approached projects this way before. Thanks for the inspiration

  9. Your sky blanket is looking so good - what a fab idea

  10. It's looking beautiful, such fantastic colours!

  11. This looks amazing!! It will be wonderful at the end of the year :)


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