20 Jun 2016

Instant Flower Press by Interplay UK

Who remembers placing flowers within the pages of a favourite book in the hope of pressing them dry? I do. Sometimes it worked and I ended up with a pretty floral masterpiece. There were times when it went wrong. Either the flower was too large or it just took so long that I gave up on it altogether.

Instant Flower Press by Interplay UK

Gone are those days of waiting weeks and months to reveal a perfectly pressed flower. Interplay UK have come up with the Instant Flower Press that helps create beautiful pressed flowers in minutes using a microwave oven.

The Flower Press is part of Interplay UK's award-winning My Living World range. We are familiar with this range, having reviewed some rather amazing products like Butterfly World and Worm World. The Flower Press turned out to be just as brilliant.

We opened the box to reveal a 2-part flower press that can be held together with a pair of hinge pins. There were a pair of cotton sheets and four felt pads to line the flower press. Also included was a set of detailed instructions that outlined how we should use the Instant Flower Press and tips to get great results.

Contents of the Flower Press by Interplay UK

We got busy with a pretty yellow buttercup from our garden. J is too young to use the flower press by himself, so I was on hand to help him. We layered the felt and cotton linings as instructed with the flower sandwiched in between. It was easy enough to attach the hinges and close the flower press. It went in the microwave with a cup of cold water to stop the flower from burning. 

Assembling the Instant Flower Press - part of the My Living World range

We microwaved the flower on full power for 20 seconds, and then an additional 10 seconds to get it completely dry. I got the flower press out for J and we waited for everything to cool down before opening it.

Here is the end result - our perfectly pressed pretty little flower.

The end result of using the Instant Flower Press

I am really pleased at how quick and easy it was to use the flower press. It is fantastic value for money and can make a nice birthday or Christmas present. 

It has the potential to be an ideal boredom-buster, a theory I intend to test through the summer holidays. I have plans to use dried foliage in lots of craft activities in an effort to keep my son occupied in a creative and constructive fashion. Will keep you posted on our crafting progress.

In the meantime, you can buy the flower press for under £10. Just click through on the image below and it will take you straight through to Amazon where you can then complete your purchase. 

Disclosure: We were sent a Flower Press for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I used to love doing flower presses as a child - this looks fab

  2. This looks very interesting and too good to be true. I will be getting this for my niece, I am sure you will love this.

  3. This looks fab, my daughter and I both press flowers but must admit it takes a long time so this would be great for getting craft projects done there and then.

  4. This looks really good - I had a gorgeous flower press when I was a little girl! Kaz x

  5. This looks like a great creative toy, my teen would have loves this when she was younger x


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