30 Jun 2016

Get Creative with Simbrix

My son has a flair for constructing all sorts with his brick and toy collection. He also really enjoys dipping in and out of his craft box and comes up with some exquisite creations. I encourage this free play as it does wonders for his creativity. 

He had been asking for melty play beads to add to his collection, so I was very happy for him to try out Simbrix. 

20 Jun 2016

Instant Flower Press by Interplay UK

Who remembers placing flowers within the pages of a favourite book in the hope of pressing them dry? I do. Sometimes it worked and I ended up with a pretty floral masterpiece. There were times when it went wrong. Either the flower was too large or it just took so long that I gave up on it altogether.

Instant Flower Press by Interplay UK

14 Jun 2016

Easy Paper Plate Animal Craft

We have been Bostik craft bloggers for six months now, and have had tremendous fun crafting lots of fun things for the challenges. We were challenged to do a jungle themed craft for this month. 

Now J has been on safari and seen lots of wild animals there. So  he was brimming full of ideas when I told him we had to craft wild animals. We settled on creating some cute and easy animals using paper plates.

Easy Paper Plate Animal Craft

10 Jun 2016

Educational Play the Schleich Way

I am a fan of play-based learning. It is a concept I grew familiar with only after becoming a parent and the idea appealed to me. Children should have the freedom to observe and play, experience and explore at their own pace and that should form the basis of all learning in their early years. Not only do children learn a lot this way, but it is a whole lot more fun too.

Schleich have always been known for their excellent toy figurines and playsets. They have now developed a guide to educational play and development in collaboration with renowned child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer.

6 Jun 2016

Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars

I had heard a lot about kinetic sand, so was intrigued when given the opportunity to try out the new Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars by Spin Master.

Kinetic Sand Build - Crash 'em Cars by Spin Master.

2 Jun 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: May update

May has by and large been a month of glorious blue skies and warm sunshine. It has been a relatively dry month, bar a few days of bleak grey skies and drizzly rain. We even had a couple of massive downpours to compensate for an otherwise summery feel to the month.

Sky Blanket 2016: May Update

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