19 May 2016

Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

Do you get itchy feet after being in the same house for long? I have moved home eight times in the last decade, and the longest I have ever been in a house is our current home. Four years and counting. I love my home, but that doesn't stop me getting tired of looking at the same d├ęcor day after day.

You can now spruce up your home and give it that brand new feel with these easy tricks. Spruce up your home on a budget. Here are my top tips to brighten up your home without breaking the bank.

Being a stay at home mother and a blogger who makes precious little from her blog means I do not have the luxury of employing an interior designer to do up my home. So I have come up with a bunch of tricks  to spruce up my home on a budget.

Here are my top tips to brighten up your home without breaking the bank.

Spring Clean

A clean house looks and feels nicer than an unclean one. Fact. It may sound rather obvious, but a thorough house clean is an oft overlooked aspect of home sprucing.

Cleaning becomes a chore when you overthink things. So don't. Tackle one task, one room at a time. Make a cleaning schedule and stick with it. You could dust surfaces one day, vacuum and steam mop the next, bathrooms on day 3, laundry on day 4, kitchen on day 5.

De-clutter and Organise

There is nothing more upsetting to me than clutter in the house. Keeping things in their place not only makes the house look and feel better, it saves time when you are trying to find those things. Think keys for instance. Wouldn't it be better if they were always kept in one designated place so you would find them even in your sleep!

Assign a decluttering and organising task to each member in the household, so that you are not left doing everything yourself. Everyone pulls their weight and puts their things away when not needed.

Re-arrange and Re-position

Not the big, bulky items, but the little things that can be moved around easily. Like the coffee table. Or the flower vase. Just make a few subtle changes to give every room in the house a fresh feel.

Add Interest

It really does not take much to transform the look and feel of a room. A fresh lick of paint, a painting picked up in a charity shop or a personalised photo frame can enhance any space.

Something as economical to buy and easy to use as a decal or wall sticker can do the trick too.

And don't forget the soft furnishings. Why not try making your own throws or blankets, or some funky paper flower curtain tie-backs.  Anything to break the monotony of a space and make it your own.

These are the tricks I use to spruce up my home. What's yours? Please share it in the comments below.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Images copyright www.tenstickers.co.uk


  1. It truly doesn't take much to spruce up a home! I find wall art and cushions, throws and other accessories are a good and affordable way to refresh :) Also agree on the spring cleaning :D I really need to declutter my kitchen, it's driving me insane. Fab post :)

  2. Great tips - I love where I live, but SO need to declutter. I can't bear the thought of moving! Kaz x

  3. I love that bathroom detail - makes the room look so different! x

  4. We moved last summer to a new build and everything is so bland, this has given me great inspiration for decorating

  5. Throws, blankets and cushions are great for giving a room a new lease of life x

  6. Loving these ideas, I am renting currently so for me it's more decluttering and move/repositioning that I can do

  7. Awesome inspirations for my new home in the next months. Using your house as home and office is an enough reason to make it more interior-friendly :)

  8. These are some great ideas. I am so desperately needing to redecorate - our house is looking tired and dated. Thanks for the inspiration!


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