4 May 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: April Update

It's been a funny old month, this. We've had spring sunshine and April showers. We've even had wintery showers for an entire week. Hail, sleet and snow towards the end of April. Most days, however, have ended with some spectacular sunsets with gorgeous golden, blue and purple skies.

Sky Blanket 2016: April Update

Here is a snapshot of the April skies that were the inspiration behind this month's crochet. 

                    Inspiration behind The Sky Blanket

I was away quite a lot this month, which meant I was constantly playing catch-up with my Sky Blanket. First, it was a city break in Amsterdam and then it was a visit with friends in Newcastle. So most of my rows this month are in an easy double crochet. I have however, used a myriad of different colours including variegated blue-green and rainbow yarns for the Amsterdam skies. The sky there was no different to the one here in the UK, but the windmills and the tulips coloured it a different hue. Or so I perceived. I might be taking some creative license here, but at the end of the day, it is all about being inspired. 

Here are the details of this month's pattern, from top to bottom, in case you fancy crocheting along.

Sky Blanket 2016: April Update

1 - DC in sparkling black for the rain, hook size 5
2 - half trebles in Clementine (Sirdar Ella DK, sparkly yellow), hook size 5, for a stunning golden sky at sunset
3, 4 - DC in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
5, 6 - DC in Purple Heather (Hayfield Aran), hook size 5
7 - DC in sparkling white, hook size 5 for a silver lining to a grey day and a hail shower
8 - DC in ivory cream (Hayfield Aran), hook size 5, for white clouds
9 - DC- chain- DC- chain- DC in variegated red/orange (Vermont), hook 5 for a stunning red-gold sky at sunset. This is similar to a row I did last month
10 - DC in Midnight (Stylecraft), hook size 5
11 - DC in light blue (Rico), hook size 5
12 - half trebles in variegated blue-green yarn (Patons Fab DK Aqua colour), hook size 5   
13, 14 - half trebles in Rainbow Colours (Patons Fab DK), hook size 5
15 - half trebles in variegated blue-green yarn (Patons Fab DK Aqua colour), hook size 5 16, 17, 18, 19 - DC in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
20, 21- DC in aster (Stylecraft), hook size 5
22, 23 - DC in Royal (Stylecraft), hook size 5
24 - half treble in sparkling black, hook 5
25 - DC in sparkling black, hook 5
26 - DC in sparkling white, hook size 5, for the hailstorm we had today. And sleet.
27, 28, 29 - DC in sparkling white, hook 5 for the snow. In April!
30 - DC in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5

                 Progress so far: Sky Blanket 2016


  1. Gorgeous skies, we've had some amazing ones around here too. I love your blanket too. I recently knitted one in really chunky wool and all the animals have now stolen it.

    1. My son has already laid claim to this one, and it is nowhere near done!

  2. Oh wow this is absolutely amazing what a fantastic way to get ideas for a blanket. x

  3. Whaaaat this is amazing! What a novel idea, I sincerely love this! x

    Stephanie | www.ouistephanie.com

  4. Oh wow, your sky blanket looks amazing and really reflects all the colours you had over the last month

  5. Such a cute idea, and such pretty colours! x

  6. I love this idea! I enjoy crochet but have never seen anything like this before and its beautiful! I love all the colours and that they all relate to a sky. xx

    1. Thank you, Jessica. I was pondering over sticking with blues and greys, but thought it will be too monotonous for my liking.

  7. Your blanket looks so pretty, I love the colours you are using and the inspiration behind it.

  8. Oh those photos are absolutely beautiful and I love how the colours have really inspired you.

  9. Wow it's so so beautiful and even better that you've kept a record of all the inspiration. All those splashes of colour of memories will give you such an amazing blanket x

  10. That's such a beautiful crochet piece! I love this idea.


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