29 May 2016

7 Must-Do Things at Geronimo Festival 2016

After a successful debut last year, Geronimo, the fabulous family festival was back at Tatton Park this May bank holiday weekend. As festival ambassadors, we were looking forward to this for a while now, and were lucky to have glorious sunshine right through the day. So it was more a case of topping up on sunscreen and fluids rather than scrambling for welly boots and a brolly.

7 Must-Do Things at Geronimo Festival 2016

Here are the highlights of our day - my 7 must-do things at Geronimo 2016.

27 May 2016

Worm World by Interplay UK

This isn't the first time we have had mini-beasts delivered to our door.

Nick Baker's Worm World by Interplay UK (My Living World): Nick Baker's Worm World by Interplay UK is part of the My Living World series. It is great for play-based learning, allowing children to develop an understanding of the natural world. It can also help harbour a sense of responsibility towards all living things.

The box came marked with the words Nick Baker's Worm World. I opened it to find a plastic container fitted with a lid with holes and supported by two plastic legs, four packets of sand and a cardboard shade. Enough equipment to set up our own little worm housing.

25 May 2016

101 Ideas For Summer Fun

If current weather forecasts are anything to go by, it looks like we are set for a scorching summer this year. No matter what the British weather looks like, it should not put a dampener on the time you spend together as a family. 

What I learned at Blog Camp 2016

It is just over a year since I was last at Blog Camp, trying to find my lost blogging mojo. I was back at Blog Camp last Saturday, hoping to learn a few new blogging tricks and tips from some of the best in the business. The day did not disappoint.

What I Learned at Blog Camp 2016: Tips and tricks to improve the way you blog and your blogging experience.

Here is what I learned at Blog Camp 2016.

23 May 2016

Dubai Dreams

This is my wishlist of 5 family-friendly things we would like to experience in Dubai:

  1. Relax on the pristine sandy beaches
  2. An encounter with dolphins at Dolphin Bay
  3. Visit the observation deck of Burj Khalifa and look down upon the world 
  4. Go on a desert safari and roll down a sand dune
  5. Enjoy traditional delicacies at the Arabian Tea House after a visit to Old Dubai

Oh, to live the Dubai Dream
Of golden beaches and
A sparkling blue sea
So much to do and
So much to see
Fun for all the family.

20 May 2016

Half-Term Family Fun

Stuck for ideas to keep the kids entertained this half-term? Here's a round-up of my favourite places to be and fun things to do in and around the North West of England over the coming days.

Half-Term Family Fun

19 May 2016

Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

Do you get itchy feet after being in the same house for long? I have moved home eight times in the last decade, and the longest I have ever been in a house is our current home. Four years and counting. I love my home, but that doesn't stop me getting tired of looking at the same décor day after day.

You can now spruce up your home and give it that brand new feel with these easy tricks. Spruce up your home on a budget. Here are my top tips to brighten up your home without breaking the bank.

Being a stay at home mother and a blogger who makes precious little from her blog means I do not have the luxury of employing an interior designer to do up my home. So I have come up with a bunch of tricks  to spruce up my home on a budget.

Here are my top tips to brighten up your home without breaking the bank.

17 May 2016

Don't Rock The Boat: Game Review

When you are a little child,  most of your free time should be spent screen-free. It's perfectly alright to learn ICT in school and to use the computer at home to do school work. It is okay to watch a couple of television shows over the weekend. It is not acceptable to spend every free minute, all school holidays cooped up indoors with a screen staring back at your face.

                Don't Rock The Boat: Game Review

15 May 2016

Weather- themed Behaviour Chart for Kids

This month's Bostik craft challenge was to create a weather-themed craft. The box came full of lovely craft goodies that somehow seemed more suited to winter than sunshine and spring. There were however, a selection of large stickers that set me thinking.

Weather - themed Behaviour Chart for Kids

12 May 2016

Things I Loved This Spring

In addition to the glorious sunshine that we have enjoyed over the last few days, there are other things that I have loved this spring. From clothing and accessories to home décor, here are a few of my favourite things from this season.



10 May 2016

The Fun Must Go On, Come Rain or Shine

Common sense dictates staying indoors in the rain. There are lots of activities you can do to keep your children entertained inside the house when it is cold and wet outside. But cabin fever can be detrimental to your sanity and the only way to restore order is to step outside for some fresh air.

There is much fun to be had in the rain. Here are some of our favourite outdoor activities for a rainy day.

9 May 2016

Celebrating Roald Dahl 100 at Tatton Park

This year marks the birth centenary of world renowned author Roald Dahl. Tatton Park in Cheshire, a National Trust property, is celebrating Roald Dahl 100 with lots of fun activities for all the family to enjoy.

We at Rambling Through Parenthood are very proud to be part of these celebrations in our role as official Tatton Park – Roald Dahl 100 Blogger Ambassadors!

Celebrating Roald Dahl 100 at Tatton Park

4 May 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: April Update

It's been a funny old month, this. We've had spring sunshine and April showers. We've even had wintery showers for an entire week. Hail, sleet and snow towards the end of April. Most days, however, have ended with some spectacular sunsets with gorgeous golden, blue and purple skies.

Sky Blanket 2016: April Update

3 May 2016

Train Travel With Kids Made Easy

My son is a seasoned flier (you can read my travel hacks for flying with kids here). He hasn’t however, had much occasion to travel on the British Rail Network. He has been on the big electric train once before when we went to London a couple of years ago. M was on hand then, which meant an extra pair of hands to help.

Train Travel With Kids Made Easy

We travelled to Newcastle over this weekend to catch up with friends. It was just J and I, as M was at work. So we decided to take the train there and back rather than drive. J was up for a train adventure and I liked the idea of hassle-free travel where I could sit back and relax and not worry about motorway traffic.

Hassle-free travel with a child? Yes, that’s right. Train travel with kids can be a doddle with some careful planning and organisation.

Here are my top tips to ease the pressure when considering train travel with children.

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