1 Apr 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: March Update

Three months in, and my Sky Blanket 2016 is going strong. I have not posted regular sky photos or crochet updates on my Instagram feed this month, but I have stuck with the crocheting side of things and am on track with the project.

Sky Blanket 2016: March Update

It has been a funny month, March. The weather has varied from one extreme to the other. It was cold to begin with. We even had heavy snow in the first week, so I was able to put another row of sparkly white bobble stitch in.

It did get warmer as the month went on. We had days of beautiful spring sunshine with blue skies and white wispy clouds. And then there was that terrible thunderstorm. Every cloud has a silver lining, they say. Once the storm had passed, we saw a rainbow in the sky. And I was finally able to crack open my Rainbow Colour yarn, chosen by my son for just such a sky. Another shower followed the rainbow and guess what. We had a second rainbow that day. Shame we could only put in one row in our Sky Blanket.

Here is a snippet of the March skies that were the inspiration behind this month's crochet.

As I have said before, I am trying to learn and incorporate different crochet stitches as I do this blanket. This month, apart from the array of DC and half treble rows, I have included a couple of rows of shell stitch and what I thought was a wave stitch. To be honest, I did not follow any tutorial for the wave, but went with what I imagined would look right. Well, it didn't. It doesn't look anything like a wave. Check out rows 2 and 3 below and you will know what I am talking about. Perhaps I will try another wave in the next month, a proper one this time.

My wave stitch might have been a disaster, but I am taking this entire project as a learning exercise. A bit of an experiment in crochet, where I try different stitches and patterns, some established ones and others of my own making. So here is the sequence I ran with in my Sky Blanket in March.

March pattern - rows 1 to 31 going from top to bottom

1: DC in sparkly black for the torrential rain, hook size 5
2: Wavy stitch in sparkly white for the sleet storm, hook size 5. I did the wave with a DC - half treble - treble - double treble - treble - half treble - DC recurring pattern, hook size 5
3 - Inverse waves in bluebell (Stylecraft), hook size 5
4 - bobble stitch in sparkling white for snow, hook size 5
5, 6 - half trebles in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
7  - half trebles in sparkly dark blue for a clear, starry night in hook size 5
8 - half trebles in Royal (Stylecraft Aran Special), hook size 5
9 - half trebles in light blue (Rico), hook size 5
10 - half trebles in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
11 - DC in bluebell (Stylecraft), hook size 5
12 - DC in Midnight (Stylecraft), hook size 5
13 - Today felt like the first proper day of Spring this year. We had sunshine and it was warm enough to leave the windows open. Special days call for special yarns.
A row of half trebles in variegated blue-green yarn (Patons Fab DK Aqua colour), hook size 5
14 - DC in Cherry (Hayfield Aran), hook 5 for a very red sunset
15- DC- chain- DC- chain- DC in variegated red/orange (Vermont), hook 5 for a stunning red-gold sky at sunset
16, 17 - half trebles in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
18 - half trebles in sky blue (Rico), hook size 5
19 - half trebles in ivory cream (Hayfield Aran), hook size 5, for white clouds 
20 - half trebles in aster (Stylecraft), hook size 5
21 - half trebles in Purple Heather (Hayfield Aran), hook size 5
22 - half trebles in Storm Bird (sparkly grey Sirdar Ella DK), hook size 5
23, 24 - DC in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5
25 - half trebles in variegated blue-green yarn (Patons Fab DK Aqua colour), hook size 5 for a beautiful blue sky and our day out at Thomas Land as blogger ambassadors
26 - half trebles in sparkling black, hook 5 for heavy rain
27 - shell stitch in Rainbow Colours (Patons Fab DK), hook size 5 for the gorgeous rainbow we had after a thunderstorm with hail, rain, thunder and lightning. 
28 - shell stitch in Turquoise (Stylecraft), hook size 5
29 - levelling row in light blue (Rico), hook size 5
30, 31 - DC in blue (Knitting Basket), hook size 5

Sky Blanket 2016: progress so far

What do you make of my Sky Blanket so far? Do you like the solid bold colours I have chosen? Or would you have preferred something more tonal?


  1. I am loving this blanket so far! I have been learning crochet too and am really enjoying it. I don't think the wave stitch is a disaster, it might not look exactly how it should but because there are so many different colours and stitches it looks fine

    1. Thanks, Hannah. That is very kind of you to say. I am taking all this as a learning experience, so all is good :)

  2. Oh this is just beautiful - I love all the colours, and the inspirational skies behind it. You are so clever - you should be so proud of this. Kaz x

    1. Thanks, Kaz. Glad you are liking the colours. I am glad I have stuck with it despite a few off days x

  3. It's so beautiful! And the wave row is not a disaster in the slightest, I love all the different stitches and techniques that you've used and they all work beautifully. I've kept my sky blanket to blues and greys so far, which I do like, but seeing blankets like yours with all the wonderful colours does make me think that I should add some more colour to it.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. It is very kind of you to say that. I hope the next time I do the wave stitch, it looks more like the picture in my head :)


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