14 Mar 2016

Dragon Mask for Kids

Continuing with the dragon theme for this month’s Bostik craft challenge, here is another fun to do and easy to make dragon craft for kids. A dragon mask as envisioned by my nearly 5 year old son.

Dragon Mask for Kids

I kid you not. The moment I held up the cardboard cone that came in this month’s Bostik craft box and said, “Dragon Mask,” J was jumping up and down, shouting out ideas. He was the one that came up with the green frilly piece (probably influenced by too many pictures of Triceratops in his books). He decided how we would make the green snout and the fire coming through it. And he picked the spots on the mask to stick the dragon’s beard. I suggested we put the pieces of tissue paper all in a row on the undersurface. But he was having none of it, insisting that we stick them on either side of the cone.

Here is how we did it. To make our Dragon Mask we used:

What we used to make the Dragon Mask
  • A cardboard in the shape of a cone. You could use card paper if you don’t have mouldable cardboard.
  • Variegated yarn in red, yellow and orange that I have been using to crochet my Sky Blanket.
  • A paper muffin case in green for the frill
  • 2 yellow pompoms for the eyes
  • 2 googly eyes
  • A piece of shiny green card for the snout
  • Strips of red and orange tissue paper for the fire and dragon’s beard
  • A red pipe cleaner for the horns/ears
  • Bostik glu

Dragon Mask for Kids - involves lots of glue and sticking things

We started by pushing two holes, one on each side of the open end of the cone. I threaded a length of wool through the holes and tied them off. These would later help me tie the mask around J’s face.

Next, I smeared the cone with glue and J and I wound the variegated yarn all around it starting from the base and finishing at the tip of the cone. We next stuck the muffin case on the inside of the base. I folded the pipe cleaner to resemble horns, tucked them between the cone and frill, and glued them there. J then glued on the pompoms, googly eyes and the snout.

Fun and easy Dragon Mask for Kids

We disagreed on how best to create the fire with the tissue paper. J wanted to crumple it into a ball and stick it on. I preferred to fold the strip in half. I might have vetoed this one!

The rest of the strips of tissue paper were stuck on either side of the cone.

That’s it. Our dragon mask was done and ready for use in all manner of play. J put it on and ran around pretending to be a fire-breathing dragon, trying to fight off the knight (also known as M). And yes, the mask does not offer an airtight fit. So J had no trouble at all breathing or growling with that mask on.

The entire process of making this mask involves a lot of craft glue and a lot of sticking. So it is perfect even for younger children to craft, albeit with a little parental assistance. The end result is rather striking and achieved with minimal effort. What do you make of it?

Dragon Mask for Kids

Disclosure: We were sent a box of craft material to complete this challenge as part of the Bostik Blogger campaign.


  1. Oh what a funky looking dragon! I bet it was lots of fun to make. We have been making Dragon Masks this month too - hehe.

  2. Great dragon mask, my son wanted a mask too but we used a slightly different approach. I love how you have used tissue for the fire.

  3. Very colourful and cool looking dragon. Looks like a great craft idea to make with kids :)

  4. Ooh, I like the look of this one. I've tackled a couple of projects recently that were way beyond my crafting skills. I knew it and the kids knew it, although to be fair to them they did at least humour my attempts. This one I think we might just about manage ... famous last words ...

  5. I love this. What a great looking dragon and it can then be used for imaginative play.

  6. That looks great, my son would love one of those :)

  7. That looks like great fun to make. shall attempt this in the school holidays

  8. Another great box! That dragon is so funky looking lol love it

  9. Looks great and kids love making fancy dress!!


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