26 Feb 2016

Letterbox Cake for Mother's Day

How would you like to come home to find, not a ‘we missed you’ note, but a cake that has come through your letterbox? Pleasantly surprised, I assume. How would you like to surprise a dear friend or loved one with just such a cake?

Letterbox Cake for Mother's Day by BakerDays

24 Feb 2016

Broken Dreams

In my four decades on earth, I have never really given much thought to trees. Until the other day.

I was walking along a frozen canal. As I tried to keep warm under the icy cool gaze of the winter sun, I happened to look and notice. The trees with their bare branches. Every bough, every limb, every offshoot stark naked under the clouds in the  blue sky. Every blemish, every scar there for the world to see. There was no cover-up, no pretence. It was the bare truth. There, if you cared to look.


Of Spontaneous Lunch Dates and Rekindled Relationships

I honestly can't remember the last time M and I went on a proper child-free date. We are the sort of parents who refuse to hire a babysitter. With only friends on hand to carry out child-minding duties, we think it best to call in that favour in real emergencies. 

Also, there is always work to do. DIY, bills, cleaning, online shopping, there is no dearth of tasks to occupy any child-free hours we may occasionally have.

Of Spontaneous Lunch Dates and Rekindled Relationships

22 Feb 2016

Choose Your Parenting Battles with Care

I was faced with a trying situation at bedtime the other day. It was a highly volatile situation that could have so easily spiralled out of control. Thanks to my Vow of Yellibacy, it did not. 

Taking it a step forward, I think it is time to add another very useful arrow to my parenting quiver. This is where I choose my battles.

Choose Your Battles

14 Feb 2016

The Emperor's New Clothes at The Waterside

Half-term began with the usual litany of bugs taking hold of everyone in the C-house. Sore throats notwithstanding, J and I braved the elements, determined not to let anything put a dampener on our excursion to the Waterside Art Centre. We were there not too long ago to watch the Moomins. This time it was the more traditional tale of The Emperor's New Clothes.

                         The Emperor's New Clothes at The Waterside Arts Centre

12 Feb 2016

Easy Paper Mache Easter Basket

Have you noticed the supermarkets are already flooded with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and chicks? It may be a little way off, but Easer for me, is a celebration of spring. The days grow longer, golden daffodils pop up everywhere, and baby bunnies hop in green fields across the land.

Easy Paper Mache Easter Basket

10 Feb 2016

What's New at The Imperial War Museum North

Is there a better way to learn history than reading textbooks or browsing the internet? The best way, in my opinion, is to visit places of historical interest and get a feel of what has been. If that is not possible, a visit to a museum is the next best alternative.

The Imperial War Museum North in Manchester is no exception. Reading about the World Wars and contemporary wars is one thing. Looking at war memorabilia, real artefacts from real people who experienced it all, is something else altogether. The IWM North is full of large and small exhibits that are a stark reminder of the death and destruction wrought by the unending conflicts of the last hundred years.

What's New at The Imperial War Museum North

We have been to the IWM North a few times now, and had a different experience each time. I am not just talking about the displays that have changed. As J has grown older, his attitude towards the Museum and the exhibits has changed as well.  

8 Feb 2016

Mini Weekend Box: Try One For Free!

We have previously reviewed the Weekend Box on the blog. Here, we present an abridged version of the original – the Mini Weekend Box.

What exactly is the Mini Weekend Box, you ask. It is a themed activity subscription box for children. Priced at £4.95 each, the box includes two activities for your child to enjoy. The activities could be craft, sensory exploration, cooking or garden-based.

Mini Weekend Box

3 Feb 2016

Theradome (Wearable Laser Therapy for Hair Loss): Halfway Review

I started using Theradome, the wearable laser therapy for hair loss, just over four months ago. As I have previously mentioned, I was suffering from post-partum hair loss but was not actively seeking any treatment for it. When Sally-Ann discussed Theradome with me, I was willing to give it a try.

Theradome, Wearable Laser Therapy for Hair Loss: Halfway Review

1 Feb 2016

Win Tickets to Geronimo Family Festival

Did I mention we are official blogger ambassadors for Geronimo, the largest children’s festival in the North West? One of the perks of being ambassador means I get to bring you all the latest news from Geronimo Fest as it happens.

Image courtesy Geronimo Fest

Sky Blanket 2016: January Update

Back in December last year I wrote about my plan to start crocheting the Sky Blanket. Those of you who have been following me on Instagram have probably seen updates of my progress so far. I am pleased to report that I have judiciously stuck with the project and now have 31 rows in my Sky Blanket - one for each day of January 2016.

Sky Blanket 2016: January Update

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