22 Jan 2016

Valentine's Day Wall Art for Children

We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen to be Bostik Bloggers for 2016. What does this mean? It means we will be sent a box of craft goodies each month and set a themed challenge to complete. It means I will have to get my craft hat on at least once a month (other than for the crochet project I am working on daily). It means my son and I will have time to create together using something other than nuts, bolts or bricks.

Valentine's Day Wall Art for Children

The first craft box arrived a week ago. One look at the contents was enough to tell me the theme was Valentine’s Day. I relished the thought of using lots of pink and sparkle in the craft. It’s not often I get to use either when I am crafting with my boy.

After much thought and a couple of ideas, we settled on making a really easy Valentine’s themed children’s wall art.

To make this Wall Art you will need
-       an A4 size sheet of thick glitter paper. We used a wine coloured one
-       a piece of lace
-       glitter pens
-       a hole punch
-       glue
-       a pair of scissors
-       an assortment of heart shaped stickers

And here is how you can replicate the Wall Art we made.

We started by punching a couple of holes at the top edge of the glitter paper.

I threaded and tied a piece of lace through these holes. This was later useful to hang up our wall art.

I used a silver and gold glitter pen to write one of my favourite quotes in the centre of the glitter paper.

While the writing dried, we made a lovely pink bow out of some leftover lace and stuck it onto a large pink heart.

Now J took over the project and set about decorating our wall art with lots of pretty stickers, flowers and diamond hearts. He even stuck on a little bluebird.

That was it. Our wall art was all ready to be displayed.

Why don’t you have a go creating this easy craft? You can personalise it with a favourite quote or even a photo.

Easy Valentine's Day Wall Art for Children

Disclosure: We were sent a box of craft material to complete this challenge.


  1. It looks fabulous, perfect for Valentine's Day with all the sparkle, glitter and flowers x

  2. This looks great! I love seeing all the Valetine's Crafts that are about at the minute- Boo and I are going to have lots of fun trying them all out!

  3. What a lovely thing to make! I like that the child can adapt to suit their own ideas.

  4. This look just absolutely amazing, what a great gift x

  5. What a gorgeous idea. I think Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to get crafty and this is a great idea

  6. This is so cute, and it looks like lots of fun to make too. I really love all of the Valentine's Crafts that are about at the minute

  7. This is so lovely! We are Bostik Bloggers too - the goodies were lovely weren't they? I enjoyed making our crafts with Pickle. Kaz x

  8. This is really great ideas for valentines day. I will remember this post for next year


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