6 Jan 2016

Trying to Write Limericks

I have never written limericks. Love reading them, but never got round to writing one.

It's 2016, a new year, a new beginning. I have resolved to write more and write better this year. Don't know about the latter, but this is an attempt at trying out something new in the hope of raising a few giggles. Or frowns, depending on how you look at shoddy writing.

My First Limericks

A stubborn thick hair on my chin
Was mocking me, its face in a grin
A stark reminder of age
Tweezed out in a rage
It now lies at the bottom of a bin.

There once was a man from Crewe
Who married a mean old shrew
She nagged him every day
Till all his hair turned grey
So she coloured it a snazzy bright blue.

There once was a man from London city
Who was very clever and rather witty
He failed to mind the gap
Between the tube and the track
And fell through the hole, what a pity!

There was a woman from Cadishead
Who stuffed her face with cheese and bread
She grew so big
She could no longer jig
So she started to sing instead.

I think that’s about it for now.

I’d love to know what you make of these, whether they made you giggle or groan. Either way, rest assured there will be more where these came from :-D

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  1. Hello Vai! How are you? Happy New Year to you. I LOVE these limericks, what a great start you've made, well done. x

    1. Thanks, hun. Glad you liked reading them. And Happy New Year to you too x

  2. Definitely a good start
    At trying out this art
    It's a long road
    But you'll never get bored
    Or ever lose heart

  3. How brave of you to tackle limericks! They've always scared me, never managed to get the hang of the form so I avoid trying them. However I do think it's good to step out of our comfort zones at times so I may give limericks a go at some stage.

    1. That is one of the challenges I have set myself this year. To step outside my comfort zone and see where it takes me x

  4. These are fantastic! They all made me laugh! No 1 my favourite X

  5. These are brilliant Vai - especially the first and third ones which really made me laugh. Keep up the great writing. Thanks for linking to #Prose4T

    1. Thank you Victoria. I am glad it made you smile. Always a pleasure to link up to the fab #Prose4T x

  6. I love limericks and write masses so I know how tough they can be! I think, because they are short they might seem simple but the rhythm and rhyme can be tricky. Well done for giving them a go, (giggles rather than groans here) and I look forward to reading more! I love your resolution to write more and better this year too - and think that one follows the other for all of us. It's all about the practice! Your writing isn't 'shoddy' either! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

    1. That is high praise coming from an accomplished writer like yourself, Maddy. Glad they made you giggle :-D

  7. Ah these are great fun! I've never tried my hand at limericks, but I can imagine it's a fab way to loosen up the writing muscles and stop you taking things too seriously...x

  8. Hahahaha! These are brilliant, I'd forgotten how much fun limericks are!

  9. I've never tried writing limericks, but all of these made me chuckle, especially the snazzy blue hair :) #whatimwriting

  10. Very nice tries. Here's a lesson from an old acquaintance that I just re-posted on Google+:

    it has come to my attention that some of you have all the rhythm of a
    white boy on quaaludes and gin now don't get me wrong i certainly
    appreciate your recent contributions and welcome more
    but for gods sake take the time to read this first

    this is my lawrence welk method of limerick learning (pat. pending)
    (c)1999 (R) (TM) batteries not included

    first think of lawrence welk bubbly polka music the lemmon sisters

    an' a-one an' a-two an' a-three
    an' a-one an' a-two an' a-three
    an' a-one an' a-two
    an' a-one an' a-two
    an' a-one an' a-two an' a-three

    It's Easy as Easy can Be
    when a Dumb hunky Polack like Me
    with a Head made of Wood
    can write Lim'ricks this Good
    so just Practice a Lot and you'll See

    when you think you got it down pat come back and post a limerick
    we'll tell you what we think

    MrMalo :) have a nice day

    1. That's a really interesting way to pen a good limerick. I need to keep that rhythm in my head next time I try to write one. Thanks for sharing.


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