14 Jan 2016

Questions, questions!

When you are a parent to a four and a half year old with a highly inquisitive mind, you do get asked a lot of questions. Lots and lots of questions. Wide ranging and all encompassing questions.

How many can you answer?

Aai, was I always in your tummy?
Is that why you are my Mummy?

Are dinosaurs really all dead?
Why are there hair on my head?

How do hens lay their eggs?
Why do spiders have eight legs?

Is there a volcano under our house?
Why is an elephant not a mouse?

How much more do I have to eat?
When can I have my sweet treat?

Does an engine need petrol to run?
Why do we have rain and the sun?

How can we go out into space?
Can we have a little car race?

Why does milk come from a cow?
Why can't we just play right now?

The questions keep coming
There's so much to ask
So much to find out 
And so much to grasp.

Questions, questions
The best way to learn
Curiosity stiffled
Is no great fun.

There is no such thing
As a silly question
It takes a curious mind
And a great deal of gumption. 

The correct explanation 
You will always get
No matter how difficult
I find the test.

Prose for Thought


  1. Great post, my two also ask endless questions and usually don't even give me a chance to answer!

  2. My two are only just starting to ask these questions! They're two so I think I've got quite a few years of this to come!! :) Lovely poem :)

  3. We had a 'question book'for a while where we wrote everything down (as I could not answer most) and then we researched the answers together. In fact may start it up again and write a blog post about it ;) Jo

  4. So lovely, and so true! You've captured the joyful (yet relentless!) inquisitive mind of a 4 year old quite beautifully. Made me smile :)

  5. I remember those days! The endless 'Why?' questions drove me dotty! Now I find my self asking him questions...

  6. This is brilliant, it captures the completely random nature of the questions perfectly! #prose4t

  7. What a fantastic poem - as Sara says, it captures the random questions perfectly. I also love the pace as it picks up faster and faster when your head swims from all your kids questions! Fabulous :) x Thank you for linking to #Prose4T


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