28 Jan 2016

Becoming Treat-Wise

Now here's a form of verse I have never attempted to write. All my poems tend to be as couplets or four-lined quatrains. Here, I felt inspired to write a tercet or a three-lined stanza. It so happened that the first verse popped into my head as three lines. I could have modified it into a couplet or a quatrain, but thought to leave it as it is and go with the flow.

What happened is I ended up writing each stanza as a tercet in a aba rhythm. I now know this is called an enclosed tercet (googled it). There you go. I've learnt something new today.

Becoming Treat-Wise

It's not so easy becoming treat-wise
Even when, deep down, I know
That chocolate's not the right size.

More a test of determination and will,
How long can I hold out, when a
Fresh-baked pie sits on the windowsill.

Can I stand firm under the pressure,
That uneaten packet of crisps beckons
How long before I give in to the lure.

So here's the plan that I plan to make,
To help me along as I take on that
Last chunky slice of chocolate cake.

Out of the treat cut a tiny little piece,
Hide the rest at the top of the mountain
And the bottom of the deep blue sea.

It'll mean hard work and calories burnt
When the cravings strike, I'll dive, climb
Do what it takes, the lesson never learnt!



  1. I weaken every time with the offer of cake! good luck with resisting those treats #thePrompt

  2. Ha! Yes, difficult lesson to learn :) It's very hard not to give into temptation and have another little treat, isn't it! Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  3. Love this - I've never tried to write a poem using tercets before either! Love the idea of trying to hide the treats at the top of the mountain and the bottom of the sea to try and resist temptation!

  4. A fabulous poem! Great to see that you and I are on the same page this week! I love the fact that this is different too :) #ThePrompt

  5. I'm not great at writing poetry but I love reading it. This is really impressive and I so get how it's hard not to get tempted!!

  6. I can never resist cake! Great poem


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