10 Jan 2016

4 Steps to Better Blogging

This is the year I take my blog to the next level. This is the year that will see me achieve at least a couple of long-wished for blogging goals. I briefly wrote about them when I made my resolutions at the beginning of the New Year. That was ten days ago now.

So what has changed over these last few days? Nothing much, to be honest. I am still playing catch up with my blog, trying to finish off what I started and struggling to keep on top of things. This is not what I envisioned for this year. This is not the path I wish to tread.

I desperately want to stay on top of things, preferably in all walks of life, but definitely with my blog. The only, the best way to go about this is to outline a plan. And then stick to it.

4 Steps to Better Blogging

4 Steps to Better Blogging

Schedule Blog Posts

My greatest pitfall is that I never schedule my blog posts or write to a routine. I write whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. And my posts come out in no particular order, not unlike when winners are announced on reality TV shows. It may work for some people, but it is not a good thing for me.

So I have decided to have a publishing schedule. I aim to publish my posts every evening through the week, leaving the weekends free. Here are the categories I am aiming for:

Monday – Reviews of products / Book reviews / Craft / Children’s activities

Tuesday – A piece of Creative Writing (poetry)
Also, join the What I’m Writing linky with Maddy at The Writing Bubble

Wednesday – Travel / Family days out / Events / Arts and Culture

Thursday – A second piece of Creative Writing (prose, based on The Prompt)
Also, join the Prose For Thought linky with Victoria at Verily Victoria Vocalises

Friday – Blogging / Musings / Parenting
Also, join The Prompt with Sara at Mum Turned Mom

Write Regularly

Writing, I have come to realise, is very much like exercise for the mind. The more you do it, the better you get at it. And the better your muscles, in this case grey matter, starts to function.

Given that I am prone to procrastination, unless I have a specific deadline looming, I tend to carry on thinking about what I want to write without actually writing down any of it. And by the time I do get round to it, I have lost track of my ideas.

So now I am getting into the habit of writing out posts as and when ideas pop into my head, even if it is just a very rough draft. I always have my i-phone with me. The Blogger app, though not the best, is enough for my needs. It lets me start a new post, saves it and syncs it with the computer. It even lets me add photos. The only problem is with editing, something that is easily rectified when I have am on the laptop.

I am hoping to build a stash of posts ready to be published, rather than a backlog of posts that need to be written. The aim is to write at least a couple of pieces each day.

Social Media Shares

I am not great at scheduling tweets or Facebook posts. I have started using Buffer and hope to work up a schedule for Twitter where a new post goes out once the day it is published, three times over the next day, and a couple of times the day after. Weekends will be for anything that has escaped under the radar, something that has been outstanding, or something pulled out from the archives.

Facebook will get one scheduled post each day, sometime in the morning. It will be the new post that I published the night before.

Curate Content and Spread the Blog Love

I will be spending at least a couple of hours every day reading posts written by some of my favourite bloggers, commenting and sharing on social media. I hope to be very generous with the blog love this year. Curating content is as important for blogging as it is for a museum. An important lesson I intend to put into practice this year.

Please join me as I embark on what I hope will be a remarkable year in my blogging journey.


  1. These are some wonderful tips - you are so organised. Really need to get into my own schedule I think. x

  2. This is a great post. I always scheduele my post. At one time last year I went through a point I wrote for the whole month. I felt so organised. I am trying to get back into that! x

  3. Some wonderful tips there, so very organised, I need to get a schedule and get organised this year I think.

  4. Great tips, I know what you mean about writing to a schedule, I publish a pregnancy update every Tuesday and I feel like I have to keep up with it as it is a weekly thing. I have loads of great ideas for other days but I never really get around to it because I've no deadline!

  5. What a great idea you sound so organised. One of the things I want to get more organised with is scheduling tweets

  6. I love this! 4 simple tips is just enough to be helpful without overbearing :) xx

  7. Great tips! You sound very organised. I need to post more often this year - ideally three times a week.

  8. I'm terrible for not scheduling posts. I write when I feel like writing, post, and then do my social media when I have time. I really ought to try and be more organized and regular though!

  9. I have got the knack of scheduling posts, I just need to do the tweets and other social media updates x

  10. I'm seeing so many of these posts everywhere. I would say scheduling tweets is the most crucial, especially if you don't have time to write/schedule new content.

  11. Wonderful blogging tips. I do all of them above so good.

  12. Some really good tips here. Like you I want to schedule my post more and have them prepared in advance. I'm in awe of anybody who can post everyday. I find three days a week challenging enough.

  13. I agree that these are really important steps to follow in order to be a successful blogger. I am aiming to schedule more posts this year - both on my blog and on social media :)

  14. I wish I was organised enough to schedule blog posts! I forget so many things! x

  15. These are great tips! I agree that the more you write, the more you write. It certainly does get easier and faster the more you do it. I just got back into writing more over Christmas but now I'm back at work, it is increasingly difficult to put as much time into blogging as I'd like. x

  16. This sounds great, I have a challenge running at the moment, #blogbetter, and this is the kind of thing we're doing during that. Best of luck!

  17. These are really good ideas. I keep trying to stick to a schedule but life gets in the way! I definitely need to write in advance more often X X

  18. Great tips- I really want to get better with scheduling blog posts - I would like to have a set type of post for each day but I never quite manage it! I am going to try really hard this year as I think that it would help me to be more productive!

  19. Great tips - I am trying to schedule and plan more too. I also am spending as much time promoting, and engaging with other bloggers as writing a post! Good Luck :) Kaz x

  20. Nice idea!!! I really need to do this too! My blogging mojo has been low for a while so your first two points strike a chord with me! My intentions are there but for whatever reason...it just doesn't happen...sounds a lame excuse but I think my health has something to do with it...but I shall try!!!

    Good luck with yours!!! I hope it goes well!!!
    Claire :)


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