28 Jan 2016

Becoming Treat-Wise

Now here's a form of verse I have never attempted to write. All my poems tend to be as couplets or four-lined quatrains. Here, I felt inspired to write a tercet or a three-lined stanza. It so happened that the first verse popped into my head as three lines. I could have modified it into a couplet or a quatrain, but thought to leave it as it is and go with the flow.

What happened is I ended up writing each stanza as a tercet in a aba rhythm. I now know this is called an enclosed tercet (googled it). There you go. I've learnt something new today.

Becoming Treat-Wise

26 Jan 2016

The Dream

Watching Channel 4's documentary 
On Donald J Trump
Couldn't help but think
What a complete and utter gump.

Tried to find the words 
To express what I felt
Nothing made sense, but
Out popped a rhyme instead.

25 Jan 2016

Take the Vow of Yellibacy

When was the last time you yelled at your child? 5 minutes ago, an hour ago, this morning? Or was it so long ago that you really do not remember when you last raised your voice at your baby/toddler/child/tween/teen.

I belong to the former category of people. Us mere mortals who succumb to the triggers that our children seem to pull so regularly. My child does something he shouldn’t, my child screams, so I start yelling in an effort to out-scream him. Easily done. When was the last time all that yelling actually worked? I can’t seem to remember it ever having the desired effect. All it has ever resulted in is massive pangs of guilt afterwards and doubts about my parenting abilities. You’d think I would have learnt my lesson by now. I have.

Take the Vow of Yellibacy

22 Jan 2016

Valentine's Day Wall Art for Children

We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen to be Bostik Bloggers for 2016. What does this mean? It means we will be sent a box of craft goodies each month and set a themed challenge to complete. It means I will have to get my craft hat on at least once a month (other than for the crochet project I am working on daily). It means my son and I will have time to create together using something other than nuts, bolts or bricks.

Valentine's Day Wall Art for Children

19 Jan 2016

My Fitness Journey - Getting Started

Or the Lifestyle Change I was looking for

I was never a petite size 8, never have been, never will be. What I can be is fit, healthy, full of energy and a curvy size 14. I have done it once before, carried it off through sheer power of will and an extremely competitive nature. So there is no reason why I cannot do it again, and keep it up for as long as I am physically able.

17 Jan 2016

To My Four-and-half Year Old Son

I meant to write this when you turned four, but one thing led to another and I never got round to it. It is now time to pen down all my thoughts, when you are four and a half. Before time flies and you turn five.

I need to tell you, my dear sweet J, what joy you bring your Baba and me. We start and end each day with happiness flooding our hearts. Even through those difficult days and sleepless nights, we never forget how lucky we are to have you in our lives.

14 Jan 2016

The Abyss

This is an attempt at a piece of flash fiction. I really appreciate constructive criticism, so please don't shy away from leaving a comment. 

The Abyss

They say your entire life flashes before you at the end. I wonder what mine will look like. Will it be as selective as I have been, burying the unpleasantness deep within. Or will it erode through the layers of my subconscious and dig out that which lies concealed under years of subterfuge.

The wealth, the flamboyance. It feels nothing more than a lie. A brightly coloured wallpaper to hide all the ugliness beneath. The great heights of success I achieved. The great lengths of deceit I went to in getting there.

Will I feel the pain, I wonder. The pain that I have kept hidden away from prying eyes. The enduring agony of loss. They think they know what it feels like to have suffered so. They only really come for the money. It is always about the money. The pretence at sympathy soon replaced by greed. The all-encompassing need to hoard. The devilish desire to grab all within reach and then to reach out for more.

Was I not but one of them? Ruthless, conniving, calculating. Ready to snatch that which was not mine.

We do not always end up where we wish. Destiny has a way of playing cruel games; twists that we do not anticipate and we end up miles away from where we hoped to be.

I am standing here now at the very edge of a precipice. Where do I go from here? Back to that which I have left behind. Or go take the leap into the unknown. Plunge into the depths of this endless abyss in the hope that I will resurface, once again, to rule the world.

One step. One step is all that I need. To go over the edge.

Writing Bubble

Questions, questions!

When you are a parent to a four and a half year old with a highly inquisitive mind, you do get asked a lot of questions. Lots and lots of questions. Wide ranging and all encompassing questions.

How many can you answer?

11 Jan 2016

I Am an Islabike Convert

J had been asking for a pedal bicycle for near enough six months now. He finally got one for Christmas this year. An Islabike. His first pedal bicycle.

I Am an Islabike Convert

J had been on his Puky balance bike for two years to the day. It was his Christmas present from two years ago.

M bought him an Islabike Beinn 20 small. It looked huge in comparison to the diminutive Puky. I was apprehensive. Perhaps we should have gone for the Cnoc 16? Or got something a lot cheaper? They are fine bikes alright, but an Islabike doesn't come cheap. I was extremely sceptical about spending all that money on a child's bicycle. J would soon be outgrowing it and moving up a size. Could we justify the expense?

10 Jan 2016

4 Steps to Better Blogging

This is the year I take my blog to the next level. This is the year that will see me achieve at least a couple of long-wished for blogging goals. I briefly wrote about them when I made my resolutions at the beginning of the New Year. That was ten days ago now.

So what has changed over these last few days? Nothing much, to be honest. I am still playing catch up with my blog, trying to finish off what I started and struggling to keep on top of things. This is not what I envisioned for this year. This is not the path I wish to tread.

I desperately want to stay on top of things, preferably in all walks of life, but definitely with my blog. The only, the best way to go about this is to outline a plan. And then stick to it.

4 Steps to Better Blogging

8 Jan 2016

The New Bride

New year, new me. This is the year I get started all over again with creative writing. Here is my first offering.

A story, a really short one, for I struggled to find the words to do justice to the emotion in this one. The concept is one I feel passionate about, so I was not ready to abandon my New Bride just yet.

6 Jan 2016

5 Jan 2016

Breville PressXpress Ceramic Steam Iron

Show me a person who loves to iron and I will show you an aberration. For nobody really enjoys the mundane chore that is ironing. I certainly do not. Ask M. He will tell you about how I have given up ironing his clothes ever since J came along. I can just about manage J’s and mine. On a good day, that is. I’ll be honest. I have done the unmentionable and ironed only the collars and cuffs through the long, cold winters. With a jumper pulled over, how could it matter?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need something more than cold winters to help you plod through the ever-growing pile of ironing. The new PressXpress ceramic steam iron by Breville promised to do that.

1 Jan 2016

Moominland Midwinter at the Waterside

After a couple of phenomenal outings earlier this month, we continued our excursions to the theatre with another spectacular family show. The setting this time was the Waterside Arts Centre and the production was Moominland Midwinter.

Moominland Midwinter at the Waterside

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