21 Dec 2015

Planning My Sky Blanket 2016

Remember how I revived my dormant crochet skills last month at the Black Sheep Wools Learn to Crochet workshop? Well, it is time to take the crocheting a step further in the New Year.

I will be doing a Sky Blanket in 2016 along with a large group of like-minded yarn lovers, a brainchild of the lovely Bug Bird Bee, The Boy And Me and You Little Sew And Sew. It is a sort of mood blanket designed to capture the colour of the sky above, on each day in 2016. There is the option to knit, crochet or quilt. I, as said, will be crocheting it.

I have been on a mission these last few weeks, gathering up all sorts of yarn for my Sky Blanket 2016. I have ended up with 15 balls of wool mainly in different shades of blue. There is light blue, sky blue, baby blue, royal blue, midnight blue and turquoise. And then there are a couple of exotic ones – bluebell and aster.

Planning My Sky Blanket 2016

Am I being overly optimistic in thinking that the sky in the North West of England will be predominantly blue this year? Perhaps, but I have also packed in a couple of greys just in case.

Then there is the red, orange, yellow and lilac for those vivid dawn and dusk skies. And I bought a bunch of multi-coloured yarn for when I shall see a rainbow. Or when the heavens are ablaze with colour like an artist’s palette.

The colours of the rainbow

I could not resist the idea of sparkle in my Sky Blanket. So I chose a deep blue and black with a thread of silver running through to capture the starry sky at night. The sparkling white will be for those silver linings on bleak, gloomy days. And the sunshine yellow is for the bright, sunny days that, every so often, brighten up and make our year special.

Glitter and sparkle - the starry sky at night

I haven’t decided on a specific time of day to base my choice of colours on. I will go with what I see when I look up at the sky, whenever I fancy it.  It will serve as a wonderful opportunity to actually stand and gaze at the sky, something that I don't do often enough.

As for the pattern, I am still toying with ideas at the moment. I want my Sky Blanket to be large enough for J, M and me to snuggle up under on the sofa. So I am thinking of a chain length between 150 and 200, building up with rows of double or half treble crochet, one row for every day in 2016.

On the other hand, I am tempted to use this as a marvellous opportunity to hone my crochet skills and learn new stitches. So as the blanket progresses, I might stray into unknown territory with puffs, popcorns, shells or something even more testing. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I have been practicing in anticipation of the mammoth task on hand. I have crocheted this sparkly scarf, all in half treble crochet, as a Christmas present for my son. It’s not finished yet, but it’s four more sleeps till the big day, and I am sure it will find it’s way under our Christmas tree in time for the Big Unwrap.

A scarf for Christmas


  1. Gorgeous yarns! I am also going to see how the day strikes me. I can't wait to start and see what we all create! Fingers crossed you get to use all the blue ;)

  2. What a gorgeous selection of yarn! I am also going to pick my colour based on how I am moved by the day, rather than a specific time. I can't wait to start and see what we all create! Thanks for joining in, and I hope you get to use all the blue ;)

  3. What lovely colours, I can not knit but I wish that I had of learnt from my mum and grandmother as it seems so relaxing xx

  4. Aw your sky blanket is beautiful. I love all the coloured yarns they are so pretty and I like the ombre effect to create the sky in your blanket.

  5. My mum crotchets all the time and she has a small etsy business with it. Though I can't crotchet to save my life I love it when others do it, good luck with your sky blanket

  6. You've got some great colours, love the sparkle too!! I really wish I could crochet. Looking forward to seeing the finished article :) xx

  7. I can't wait to get started! I love the practice you have done and that yarn is gorgeous!

  8. Your sky blanket is going to be stunning! I love the idea of sparkle thread running through it, especially the dark colors to capture the night sky. What a lovely idea! x

  9. Beautiful yarns! I can't wait to see what you create with them. The Christmas scarf is gorgeous too!


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