9 Dec 2015

Moving Eyes Rudolph Christmas Jumper by MorphCostumes

We are not necessarily a Christmas Jumper family. We do Santa hats and reindeer antlers and tinsel, but not jumpers. This year however, I have decided to buck tradition and kit the entire C- household in new Christmas jumpers. Reason being I am singing in a choir on Christmas Jumper Day, and can’t do so without a Christmas jumper.

Having seen my bright red festive jumper, J insisted on having one too. So now he has a bright red jumper that, coupled with his hat, transforms him into a mini Father Christmas.

That leaves M. Not one to don Christmas jumpers with the requisite festive fervour, it will take something more than Rudolph's red nose to get him into a piece of bright red clothing.

Moving Eyes Rudolph Christmas Jumper by MorphCostumes

Is when Morph Costumes got in touch about their savvy new Christmas jumpers. The charm of Moving Eyes Rudolph was too much to resist. A bit of technology was all that was needed to get M to wear a Christmas jumper.

Our Moving Eyes Rudolph jumper arrived promptly. It was a proper bright red and had a rather cute Rudolph splayed all over the front. Except that in place of his eyes was a yellow card that read: Insert Phone Here. Attached to the label was a card with instructions on downloading the DigitalDudz app on your smart phone.

Moving Eyes Rudolph Christmas Jumper

I promptly picked up M’s iPhone and downloaded the free app. Then it was a matter of opening it and finding Moving Eyes Rudolph from amongst the variety of fun animations on there. Oh yes! Morph Costumes have a collection of these interactive Christmas jumpers on offer, each with their own animation that you can find on the app. There are a few non-Christmassy ones as well, if you are feeling more like Scrooge than Santa.

App opened, Rudolph’s eyes on screen, M put on his new jumper and I tucked his 5s into the little pocket at the front. The iPhone fit in snugly, but I guess it should or else it might pop out.

Here is M wearing his brand new Rudolph Moving Eyes jumper. He is in a size L, and it fits true to size. It feels soft to touch and is warm and comfortable to wear, as any nice jumper should be. 

M wearing his new Christmas jumper

And here is a little video to show you what the moving eyes actually look like when you are wearing them.

If you are looking to make a splash at a Christmas gathering this season, these animated jumpers are just the things to make you stand out from the crowd. I only hope Morph Costumes come up with something similar for kids next season. J has been asking for his own moving eyes jumper now, and it’s hard work trying to convince him that it’s a grownup thing!

Disclosure: We were sent a Moving Eyes Rudolph Christmas jumper for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Hehe how quirky!! :) Is it not uncomfortable to wear a jumper with a phone down your top? lol

    1. Wouldn't recommend getting a Iphone 6+ or a Samsung S6 in that pocket. But a nifty little thing should be no problem at all. The 5s didn't seem to bother the OH at all.

    2. Wouldn't recommend getting a Iphone 6+ or a Samsung S6 in that pocket. But a nifty little thing should be no problem at all. The 5s didn't seem to bother the OH at all.

  2. Oh this is brilliant, so much better than a musical one which will drive everyone insane x

  3. LOL, that is pure genius. It made me giggle to watch the video. I've often wondered about these light up jumpers you can get. How do you wash them? Now I know, at least with this one.

  4. Haha that is so cute! Love the moving eyes x

  5. Hehe this look great, I love the idea of this for a Christmas jumper. I have already bought Boo's jumper for this year and it's so cute!

  6. Ha ha, it's hilarious, if not a tad spooky! Hubby has Christmas jumper day at work next week!

  7. We have got them this year and last or at least my husband and H have. One needed one for work and the other for school.

  8. I don't do xmas jumpers but so want this!!

  9. That's so clever. I would never have guessed you were using a phone for the eyes!

  10. Love this jumper - I love the moving eyes! Kaz x


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