22 Dec 2015

I'm an Official Ambassador for Geronimo 2016!

Then there was that day earlier this year when I came face to face with Mr. Bloom from CBeebies. The setting was the first ever Geronimo Festival.

If you missed being there, fret not. Geronimo is set to return in 2016 and it promises to be bigger and better. For a start, it is not only returning to Tatton Park in Cheshire for a second year on 29 and 30 May, but it also has a new second home at Harewood House, just outside Leeds, where it runs over the weekend of 1 – 2 May.

I am extremely delighted to announce that I have been selected to be an official blogger ambassador for Geronimo 2016. This means I can bring you all the Geronimo gossip as it happens, when it happens.

I'm an Official Ambassador for Geronimo 2016!

Take the line-up for 2016, for instance. It has only just been announced that CBeebies’ favourite, Andy Day will be at the festival performing his Dino Rap show. It promises to be filled with tales of his adventures to faraway lands.

Mr Bloom is set to return to the Geronostage as will Cook and Line from Swashbuckle. Alex Winters from CBeebies will be hosting the main stage each day, along with daily meet and greets.

Some of the Zones and features from 2015 will be seen again in next year’s Geronimo. That is not all. There is a huge range of new and exciting additional activities that will add to the experience in 2016. Here is a snapshot of what’s on offer:

Geronimo Festival 2016

The Arena Zone: live displays featuring motorbike display teams, sheepdog and falconry shows, medieval jousts, horse handling

The Adrenaline Zone: tree climbing, den making, zipwire. Fencing and archery taster lessons and Parkour sessions

The Library Zone: dance classes to learn Bollywood or Zumba moves, a gigantic drumming session, Frozen singalong, Mr Yipadees show

The Theatre Zone: will showcase award winning theatre productions

The Circus Zone: includes a full circus show and aerial trapeze show. Circus fudge will also be performing his show from the Glastonbury festival.

The Pasture Zone: donkey or pony rides, reptile show, giant tortoises.

The 3ft and Under Zone: a Tumble Tots class, balance bikes, baby ballet, baby yoga

The Bandstand Zone: music and popular acts on throughout the day.    

The Funky Junk Zone: craft workshops including woodwork, hair braiding, face painting, fairy making, stone carving, totem pole making

The Fairground Zone: will feature an old fashioned Helter Skelter, traditional carousel and steam powered swing chairs

The Woodland Zone: make a mud pie or fairy potion, learn to create a whistle from a carrot or build a den, mobile high ropes course, mountain bike course.

Geronimo Festival 2016 : the line-up

With so much on offer, Geronimo 2016 promises to be an absolute corker. Everyone is guaranteed to find something to interest and intrigue. 


  1. I have never heard of this before and it sounds amazing, going to have a look at it for us to go. Lucas will be 1 then so should be suitable x

  2. Aah festivals for kids are fantastic aren't they?! My boys are two and they've already been to three 4 day festivals!!!! They're veterans already! Geronimo sounds fab — will have to see if we can squeeze this one in next year :)

  3. Oh well, well done you. I had never heard of Geronimo until your post and what a great festival it sounds x

  4. It sounds like a fun day out for families, I bet your kids are looking forward to it x

  5. I've never heard of this before but it sounds brilliant. My daughter loves Mr. Bloom. I'll have to look into this for next year.

  6. That's fantastic! I'm definitely going to look into this festival, looks brilliant x

  7. Ooh good to know it's returning to Tatton. Someone else just mentioned Leeds, but was planning to go next year with my friend who's in Manchester. Was too far to go otherwise.

  8. This sounds absolutely brilliant, I will definitely be checking it out if we are in a position to go nearer to the time! Congratulations on being an ambassador for them!x

  9. How awesome - we will see you there xx


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