24 Nov 2015

Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Kits

You know when you are looking to serve home-cooked food for dinner every night but are stuck for ideas? Or are too exhausted to cook from scratch but still want something delicious and nutritious to feed the entire family?

Enter Old El Paso with their new Stand ‘N’ Stuff taco kits. We tried them for dinner tonight and ended up with our very own Mexican feast for Taco Tuesday.

Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Kits

The novelty of these fun kits is the boat-shaped soft flour tortillas. 30 seconds in the microwave is all it takes to get them ready to be stuffed and eaten.

I used the Garlic & Paprika kit tonight, and chose to go vegetarian with Quorn mince instead of meat. It took less than 20 minutes to brown the quorn, season it with the Old El Paso seasoning that came in the kit, chop some lettuce and tomatoes, grate cheddar cheese and plate up.

Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Kits

Old El Paso Garlic & Paprika Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Kit

The grown-ups had the option to add fiery jalapenos to their toppings. I also laid out a choice of dips – guacamole, a fiery hot salsa in addition to the salsa that came with the kit and a cheesy dip.

J was delighted with the ‘boat’ sitting on his plate. He was happy to help himself to fillings, choosing lots of lettuce and tomato to go on the mince. The boat shape meant it was easy for him to lift the taco off his plate and bite into it without the filling spilling from the other end. Something that often happens with a traditional taco.

Taco Tuesday!

M would have preferred meat to the Quorn, but he did enjoy the flavours.

As for me, I loved the softer texture of these Stand ‘N’ Stuff tacos. And the fact that meal-time was easier and less messier than it can sometimes be. Not to mention scrumptious and really good fun. So much, that I am looking forward to trying the other kits in the Old El Paso range. As far as I am concerned, Taco Tuesday is here to stay.

Stand 'n' Stuff and ready to eat

Disclosure: I was sent samples of Old El Paso Taco kits for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ooohh, this looks good. I'm a fan of the Old El Paso fajita kits as well as the enchiledas. I must look outt for this one!

  2. I love these sets, they are so simple to do and so tasty. I like the idea of the stand and stuff ones - a bit less mess!

  3. We've tried these too and they were delicious. Lovely to see we weren't the only ones who enjoyed them

  4. Whenever I use one of these kits, my food does not turn out as yummy looking as yours, for one the Taco shells are nearly always crumbled so I have to turn them into Nachos x


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