8 Nov 2015

Oddsockosauraus - a book review

"Aai, why are dinosaurs dead?"
"What does extinct mean?"
"Aai, what is an asteroid?"
These and a zillion other dinosaur related questions flow relentlessly from J between mouthfuls of fish fingers. The food varies daily, the questions do not. They are now a staple of our dinner table conversations.

I wonder what it is about dinosaurs that make them so appealing to children. Whatever the reasons, dino mania is here to stay. 

We perhaps know as much (or as little) about these pre-historic beasts as we do about six year old boys and what goes on in their heads. Zanib Mian has combined these two fascinating creatures in her new book Oddsockasaurus. Each distinct trait discernible in little boys (and perhaps girls too) is assigned a Mesozoic equivalent. Hence we get the Oddsockasaurus- a dino-boy who wears mismatched socks. We also have a Whyceratops and a Philosopherraptor among others. 

The book has big, bright and fun pictures illustrating each dino- character and its special trait. This is personification on a whole new level and something every parent and most kids will identify with. 

I say most kids because not all 4-7 year olds have a developed sense of humour. Take my son, for example. He was not best pleased when compared to the Whyceratops from the book. Nor did he like it when I coined a couple of new dino names for him. Nosedigasaurus, for one. He definitely could not see the humour in that!

But sense of humour or not, if you love dinosaurs or are thinking about starting to like them, Oddsockasaurus is a book not to be missed. Not by children, and certainly not by their parents. You will find yourself chuckling in agreement as you turn the page to find the next dino-child character, not unlike your own.  

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like a great book for children of the right age. I haven't heard of it before or the author x

  2. This sounds like a wonderful idea for a book. My son was (and is) mad on dinosaurs at the age.

  3. This looks like a great book. I love dinosaurs which isn't a "cool" thing for an adult to admit so ai'm hoping my girls will be fans so I canpretend it's for them.

  4. Sounds like a fab book, my little boy at 2 is already obsessed with dinosaurs so it;s one for the future. Whether he will get the humour remains to be seen, although it does appear that he is developing a cheeky and funny sense of humour so who knows. Love the nosedigasaurous. *Must check i spelt that right* :)

  5. Whyceratops made me laugh!! I have two of those in my house! My kids love dinosaurs too. x

  6. Ah dinosaurs are just awesome aren't they! Nothing cooler =) hehe This sounds like a great book!

  7. This book looks like a lot of fun - shall look out for it for Sebby

  8. Oh this looks fab! Pickle loves Dinosaurs but I think at 3 he probably wouldn't 'get' this yet. I would though! Kaz x

  9. That looks like an awesome book, Bugs is obsessed with dinosaurs so I am going to add it to his Christmas list x

  10. What a great book for children! I'm a bit young to understand it yet, but will look out for it when I'm a bit older!


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