29 Oct 2015

Wickey Sandpit Flip - Review and Giveaway

Don't know what it is about sand that makes it appealing to young and old alike. When he is not at the beach, which unfortunately is not very often, J loves to get down and dirty in the grainy stuff in the confines of a sandpit. 

His hand-me-down plastic one was getting rather worn. So the opportunity to review a Wickey Sandpit Flip came at just the right time.

Wickey Sandpit Flip - Review and Giveaway

20 Oct 2015

Trolley Bags - Review and Giveaway

The current changes to the law governing use of plastic carrier bags means more and more of us are now choosing to bring in our own bags to do our shopping. That, and the fact that it is environmentally friendly to do so.

Trolley Bags are a novel concept in re-usable bags that promise to make shopping and packing that much easier. I was sent a set of original Trolley Bags in pastel colours and I have been putting it through its paces during my weekly shop.

Trolley Bags

12 Oct 2015

Butterfly World by Interplay UK

J has enjoyed reading about the very hungry caterpillar since he was a little baby. We have followed its journey from a tiny to a big fat caterpillar and then on to a beautiful butterfly in print numerous times.

When Interplay UK offered us the opportunity to review Nick Baker’s Butterfly World, it was the perfect opportunity to experience metamorphosis in real time.

Butterfly World by Interplay UK

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