29 Sep 2015

Reception Year : Settling In

So you were worried about your precious little ones starting in reception this September. You wondered how they would cope, if they would settle in nicely and be happy.

Here are six signs, indicators that your offspring is coping brilliantly with the challenges of being in reception.

Reception Year: Settling In

You know your child is enjoying reception year at school when:

1) Your child comes home with blobs of orange paint smeared on their uniform. Washable, you realise with relief as you scrub it down with a wet wipe. Talk about small mercies!

2) Your child empties their pockets on your freshly vacuumed carpet and out tumble an assortment of  tiny pebbles - apparently an attempt at baking gone astray.

3) "There is sand in my shoes!" is the understatement of the decade as fistfuls of the stuff makes its way straight onto your, wait for it, newly vacuumed floor. Seriously, how did the child manage to walk in those shoes at all? There was enough sand in there to build a castle.

4) It is 5am and your child decides they can no longer sleep because they are too excited and can't wait to go to school.

5) "Wah! My uniform is not smart any more!" is the reason for a meltdown after your child has come back home from school. Well, it wouldn't be, would it? Not after it has been in the mud kitchen all day.

6) The replies to all your school-related queries are consistent, irrespective of day of the week.
  Q: What did you do at school today?
  A: Nothing.
  Q: Who did you play with?
  A: No one.
  Q: What did you have for lunch?
  A: I don't know.
  Q: Did you enjoy school today?
  A: Yes!

Enough said.


  1. Haha I remember giving those replies to my parents a lot! x

  2. Ha I always wondered how my nephew managed to get sand in his shoes when they didnt have a sand pit!

  3. haha I've been getting a lot of 'I can't tell you what I've done today as it was just too exciting!' so hoping that a good sign ;) x

  4. Yep, quite typically if the answer to "what did you do at school today" is "nothing" I know it's been a good day! PS. The sand thing is still happening in our house even with my two aged 8 and 10! :D

  5. Ha, my kids are always so messy when they get home from school! But I would rather that than them hate it

  6. Number 4 is brilliant! I'm so glad things are going well!

  7. My two have always told me what they've done that day in detail lol - I can't shut them up x x

  8. My little one seems to be the opposite, he talks from the moment he leaves school until he falls asleep. He is only there 2.5 hours but he can make the commentary last 5! I know he is loving it though which is the important thing

  9. Eliza seems to come home covered in paint on a daily basis!

  10. The only thing we had from that list was the paint. I don't think my son was that keen on reception, but now he looks back on it fondly as when he got to play at school.

  11. My son has just started reception and I do find out what he had for lunch (most important part of the day!) and that on Thursdays he does PE or 'running around'. I know he has PE as he comes out jumper on backwards, trousers wrong way round and socks on inside out!

  12. That's lovely that your little one is enjoying it so much, had to laugh at the sand :) Such a happy time in reception class.

  13. When I ask my son if he enjoyed college today, his reply is always "yes" asking, what he did... "not much"... the answer never changes no matter what the age!!

  14. hee hee, that list brought back memories ... and we still have all of that 5 years on!!

  15. Wilf's starting school next year so I'm bookmarking this for then! We went to see a school the other day and it did put me at ease a bit as it just looked like he was going to have so much fun! x

  16. Haha, though not a mommy yet, but these reminded me of my school days... :) And now my brother's kid does the same :)

  17. It is lovely that your little one is enjoying it so much!

  18. Lol this sounds just like Riley last year in reception!!

  19. My little one has been a bit unsettled with beginning school so fingers crossed I hear/see a few of these soon

  20. Now this is encouraging especially that last question as I'm asking all the others and getting "nothing" "no-one" and "can't remember". I think POD is enjoying it, we only heard she was doing something the other day although yesterday she came back with 2 pictures!


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