29 Sep 2015

Reception Year : Settling In

So you were worried about your precious little ones starting in reception this September. You wondered how they would cope, if they would settle in nicely and be happy.

Here are six signs, indicators that your offspring is coping brilliantly with the challenges of being in reception.

Reception Year: Settling In

24 Sep 2015

Getting Started with Theradome

I have recently been gaining a forehead. That is just a polite way of saying I am losing hair. It is falling off in clumps, in the shower, tangled in the detangler comb, stuck to the hair brush and randomly floating on bits of clothing and furniture. Not nice. Not nice at all.

Especially given that around four years ago when I fell pregnant, my hair felt like that of Rapunzel. The thick and shiny tresses lasted till about J was a year old. And then it began. Thinning, falling, tumbling hair, like leaves off a tree in autumn.

Getting Started with Theradome LH80 Pro Laser Helmet

21 Sep 2015

We went to Diggerland!

Where is the best place to take someone who loves diggers? Diggerland, of course! Diggerland is not your ordinary theme park. It is an adventure playground where all the family can get hands on with real full size construction machinery. You can operate a giant JCB digger or get behind the wheel of a dumper truck (as long as you are over the minimum height).

We went to Diggerland!

My four year old little boy can’t seem to get enough of tractors and diggers. Needless to say, he was over the moon at the prospect of visiting Diggerland. We chose to go to the Yorkshire site, as it is convenient from where we are.

13 Sep 2015

Memorise by Hotter Shoes

I’ve pledged to walk the school run as much as possible. This means walking around 4 miles every day, five days a week. What I was looking for as I prepared for the start of the new school year was a fabulous pair of shoes that would keep my feet happy as I trudged to and from school twice daily.

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to review the new Memorise range from Hotter Shoes. Having tried a pair of stunning Hotter Shoes before, I knew my feet would be well cared for in a Hotter pair. I was spot on.

Memorise by Hotter Shoes

10 Sep 2015

Have I Failed As A Parent?

“Aai, do you miss me?” My son asks as we get ready for his second full day at reception. “I so do!” I say aloud, while my heart sighs, “More than you could ever know, my darling.”

“But Aai, you can get all your work done,” he pipes up. I hug him close and am enveloped in guilt. Is that all my son remembers from our four years together? Me working? Have I really not made any better memories for my little boy to cherish? Something to bring a smile to his face?

Have I Failed As A Parent?

9 Sep 2015

A Day at Knowsley Safari

When was the last time you were so close to a lion that you could have reached out and touched it? And it wasn’t even in a cage? I was, when we went to visit Knowsley Safari this summer.

I had never visited a Safari before, so was quite excited and honestly, a little bit nervous about coming face to face with all the animals.

Knowsley Safari

7 Sep 2015

Making Memories This Summer

I did not make a bucket list for summer, but I sort of knew what I wanted out of these holidays. I think we've done rather well, spending the last six weeks making memories as a family. We've had our fair share of grumpy, tears and tantrums. Overall though, it has been a beautiful summer of incredible fun despite the distinctly miserable weather. We start reception today, and it is the perfect time to reflect on the summer that has been. Here is a collection of holiday memories we will always cherish.

Making Memories This Summer

1) J's first visit to the theatre to watch The King of TinyThings.

2) Our walking holiday in the Lake District, our first as a family, where we walked, we climbed, we rambled to reach the top of Brent Fell and Loughrigg Terrace.

3) Catching fish in the lake and then setting them free.

4) Building all sorts with Lego.

5) Picnics in the park with soft and fluffy white bread sandwiches and crisps.

6) Riding on a steam train.

7) Our first visit to Go Ape and doing the Tree Top Junior adventure as a family, including the zip wire.

A Memory Jar full of Summer Memories
8) Going on a mini- beast adventure in the back garden.

9) Eating lots of ice-cream. And strawberries.

10) Watching the Minions in cinema and sharing a large bucket of popcorn between the three of us.

11) Foraging for wild blackberries, picking apples in the garden and going berry picking at the local farm.

12) Play dates with friends we don't see at school.

13) Completing the summer reading challenge at the local library.

14) Shopping for J's first school uniform.

15) Enjoying family meals at nice restaurants.

16) Pyjama days at home doing nothing but snuggling on the sofa in front of the television.

17) Visiting Knowsley Safari park and getting oh so close to all the wild animals.

18) Playing in the back garden and the local parks. That includes climbing trees.

19) Trying our hand at a game of badminton.

20) Doing chores around the house. Yes, my son loves helping his parents in the house and garden. 

So there you have it. Perhaps not an extensive list of all the things we got up to, but a reasonable snapshot to jog our memories if ever we need a reminder of what we did as a family this summer.

We have also added all our beautiful memories to a summer memory jar. It was a lovely way to relive our precious moments as J went about scribbling words and drawing pictures for our jar.

Disclosure: We were given a Robert's bakery soft and fluffy white bread and a mason jar for our summer memories for this post. All opinions are my own.

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