2 Aug 2015

Nick Baker's Bug Safari by Interplay UK

J has never been one for creepy crawlies. He is not particularly worried by them, but neither will he go out of his way to gush over the petite cuteness of a snail. Having said that, he is not averse to spotting mini beasts in the garden. Every time he sees one, I hear an excited scream of, “Snail!” or  “Bumblebee!” or “Ladybird!” or something similar.

The child has a highly inquisitive mind. The questions start at dawn and carry on relentlessly till bed-time, sometimes beyond. Between us, M and I answer all that we can, proffering logical explanations for most queries. It almost borders on scientific enquiry.

Nick Baker's Bug Safari by Interplay UK
Wildlife expert Nick Baker's Bug Safari from Interplay UK presented a great opportunity to further my child’s thriving interest in all that surrounds him. It would help him take a closer look at the bugs in our garden. He would get plenty of food for thought about what goes on in the insect world, how the little things live, grow and function.

The Bug Safari comes equipped with a handy guidebook detailing commonly spotted bugs in the garden. There is information on where to find them, how to spot them and what they eat. Also included in the box are professional tools and guidance on how to use them.

In the box are professional tools and guidance on how to use them

These include:
a field lens – to let you take a closer look at bugs
Bug tongs – great to catch bugs without getting too close to them
a magnifying pot – a clever way to observe bugs once you have caught them
a pair of tweezers – to help pick larger bugs with hard shells
a paint brush – to help sweep bugs into the magnifying pot

Nick Baker's Bug Safari by Interplay UK

J has been absolutely thrilled with the Bug Safari. He was very excited with the kit, especially the bug tongs, and went around the garden trying to capture first a bumblebee, then a fly, without much success. We decided to look under some rocks and spotted wood louse. J finally managed to scoop one up into the tongs and I helped put it in the magnifying pot so we could get a better view.

Using the bug tongs

Success, at last!

Through the magnifying pot - a wood louse

J also liked the idea of the field lens and went around peeping at leaves and at blades of grass trying to spot some insects. It was fascinating to watch.

We ended up observing a spider and a bumblebee (that I caught) in the magnifying pot. Try as we might, there were no slugs or snails to be seen that day. Rather unusual, given that they are normally seen feasting on my dahlias. I think the rare appearance of sunshine might have something to do with it.

The magnifying pot in the Bug Safari

So the Bug Safari has been packed away for another day when we can embark on another mini-beast adventure. Or, “Adbenture!” as J likes to say.

I think from a parenting perspective, the Bug Safari is a brilliant product. It is fun, educational and excellent to get parents and children over their fear of insects. You can see them up close and marvel at the wonder of nature.

Disclaimer: We were sent a Bug Safari for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. It looks like a brilliant kit! My little ones love looking at minibeasts, too. Perfect present idea for a 3-5 year old. x

  2. What a great kit....I think I could do with those Bug tongs to catch spiders around the house....hehehe x

  3. What a great exploring toy. My daughter would love this as she is fascinated with bugs and beasties

  4. Oh wow this looks great, I would have loved this as a child as I was always collecting bugs!

  5. I need to get this kit for my little monsters, they would love this

  6. This looks like a fab kit, we love going on bug hunts x

  7. That looks an impressive piece of kit and I love all things bugs.

  8. The bug safari looks great. It's so interesting seeing insects up close.


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