24 Aug 2015

Ideal Home Improvements

When I first set eyes on our house, I knew I had found my dream home. It ticked almost all our boxes apart from the fact that it came with a high maintenance garden. We were not alone in thinking this was the perfect home. There were other interested parties who were as taken with its quirky charm as I was. Then followed a couple of weeks of nail-biting tension and something that bordered on a bidding war before we got the house.

Next came the tricky bit. Trying to make that house our home, decorating it to our taste and to suit our needs. M and I have diametrically opposing views when it comes to most life choices. We were constantly at loggerheads trying to decide what to buy and in what colours. All within the constraints of a limited time frame and an even more limited budget. And with a toddler in tow.

One thing was certain. We both wanted a modern yet minimalist feel. And we knew what rooms needed doing and what could be left alone at least for the time being. The bathrooms were top of the to-do list. Most of the other rooms got a cosmetic makeover but the kitchen was left untouched.

Image copyright: Tov.Arq Estudio de Arquitectura y Urbanismo / Homify

It’s been three years since it all happened and I keep thinking about all the things we could have done different. The bathtub, for instance. We are shower people, so hardly put any thought at all into the choice of bath. Now everything else in that bathroom looks nice, except the cheap acrylic bath with the flimsy plastic panel. I wish I could change it to something gorgeous set in granite with jet streams swirling water of off the sides.

And the kitchen. It got left well alone last time but is more than overdue a makeover. Oh, I could so use some modern worktops and trendy storage solutions. Not to mention an extended kitchen-diner with those posh inset ceiling lights and a breakfast bar.

Image copyright: Schwander & Sutter Architekten/ Homify

If I indeed had all the money in the world to put towards my ideal home improvements, what I would really like is to transform our outdoor space into a garden paradise. Would it be too much to aspire to an outdoor heated swimming pool? A grown-up space, my space, where I can unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. A place where I can escape the stresses of everyday living and be inspired to pen my bestseller. A girl is allowed her dreams, surely.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


  1. Oh I'd love a pool like this. When we got our house 6 years ago, we did the same. We went for a minimalist feel but left the bathroom and kitchen untouched. Our bathroom is pretty decent but I'd love a new kitchen!

  2. So many options!! If i had the money... i've g+ this post too x

  3. We rent but one day I dream of owning our own home & having everything just how we want it! That pool is just gorgeous x

  4. A swimming pool would be amazing! I'd be happy having a new kitchen at the moment. Ours is very dated. We'll keep dreaming ;-)

  5. We bought our house 7 years ago and it still isn't finished as we want it to be... we are getting there but it takes time to get things right and agree what we really want.

  6. I love the look of the kitchen, I wish we had a kitchen like that. And who doesn't love a pool =)


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