2 Jul 2015

What TV Are You Watching This Summer?

I am a self-confessed couch potato. There, I've said it. I do like to park my bottom on a comfy sofa and watch television as much as the next person. Some days, if things are particularly bad, I even catch myself dreaming about a place in the sun, home or away. Although I have never been that badly hit as to take refuge in the inane natter of a certain Mr. Kyle. 

There are a handful of TV programmes that I refuse to miss. Even if it means catching them after they have aired. Or wrestling J and M for the remote control at times. I think, and you might agree, my picks will look utterly spectacular on a large TV set like these from Panasonic curve televisions UK

Here's what I am watching on tele right now. Or trying to, anyway, as I juggle parenting and blogging.

1) Wimbledon 2015: The Championships are in their 129th year and all the drama is unfolding on the green grass of SW19. Who needs Game of Thrones when Rafa and Roger are at loggerheads for grass-court supremacy? Learning to play tennis is on my bucket-list. Till the time comes for me to don my sporting whites, I will continue to cheer from the sidelines. Or in this case, from the comfort of my comfy chair in my stellar role as Supreme Couch Potato because the organisers have yet again failed to allocate me tickets.

2) Cricket on 5: There is no way on earth I am shelling out my non-existent blogger’s income on upgrading my TV package to include Sky Sports. So I will satiate my appetite for cricket by catching the highlights on free TV instead. Hurray to Channel 5 for my nearly daily instalment of the men in white.

3) Humans series 1: We are three episodes in, and I am hooked. There is something eerily fascinating about watching humanoids/robots or ‘synths’ as they are called in the series, evolving. The format has been rehashed, no doubt about that. We’ve seen it before in films like The Terminator and AI. But the handling is different each time. I am curious to see how this saga unfolds. I am keeping my fingers crossed the series doesn’t go down the same road as ‘Heroes’ – starting out with a bang and then sinking without a trace.

That is summer sorted. Here is a pick of my TV favourites to keep you company through the colder months.

1) The Big Bang Theory season 9: Scheduled to start this September, it may seem a tad like ‘Friends’ where a bunch of friends with questionable social skills hang out together and end up in dysfunctional relationships. But any show that makes it cool to be a nerd gets a huge thumbs-up from me. Here’s to another season of sitcom and science.

2) Downton Abbey season 6: All good things come to an end. And so it is that we say goodbye to what has been a scintillating and utterly sensational TV drama. Unlike the much touted for Indian Summer, which dragged on for ten episodes with no end in sight, Downton promises, and if past form is anything to go by, should deliver on all fronts. Cannot wait.

3) Homeland season 5: I have no idea how I missed the first three seasons of this nail-biting thriller. By the time I got into it, Carrie was in Pakistan and Brody, a distant memory. So I did what I had to and purchased a box set. I am now up to scratch with all that has happened and am waiting in nervous anticipation for what is yet to unfold.

4) Strictly Come Dancing: I love SCD and there is no denying it. I love the glitz and the glamour, the shimmer and the sparkle. I love the dresses; I adore the dancing. If only they could cut down on the fake tan!

There you have it. My list of must-watch TV shows for this year. Do you agree with my choices? What would you add to the list? No, please don't say Game of Thrones.

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  1. Great list - I LOVE Humans - very intriguing, and we all love The Big Bang Theory - I am watching it right now! Kaz x

  2. I love The Big Bang Theory!! I am also taping humans but we have not started watching it yet. I am also watching Grimm and Fringe from the beginning as I missed them both when they were first on. I do love a good tv series =)

  3. I don't watch any of those although I have been recording Humans and will watch it all when the series ends. :D x

  4. I'm watching Wimbledon off n on when time allows, being Scottish I'm rooting for Andy Murray.
    My daughter & her BF watch BBF.Right now I'm watching Chicago PD,& i just finished watching
    3 seasons of Chicago Fire.Waiting for Walking Dead to start back in Autumn & eh well i have a list of things I'm watching/waiting to watch lol...Have a great weekend x

  5. I just watch Netflix at the moment, there is never anything on the TV when I put it on, so with Netflix I can just put it on whenever I fancy it. I've been watching Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, Rita and Pretty Little Liars. All are brilliant :)

  6. Oooo I didn't realise there was a new season of homeland! I wasn't as keen last series without Brody but still tuned in! Lol

  7. I haven't started watching any new series in such a long time. Human's sounds intriguing. I might have to talk my husband into watching it with me

  8. Heard a lot about this Humans series and it sounds very interesting. In summer I love to watch all the gardening shows and just been watching RHS Hampton Court Palace on catch up. Other than that I love documentaries and really into history ones.

  9. I have the Tennis on whilst I am at work in the background but unless I am laying in bed, I rarely watch TV x

  10. I hardly watch any of those you mention but i do like a bit of strictly, I always find Summer not as good as winter for TV viewing so I'll turn to on-demand. Mich x

  11. I am loving Humans, such a good series. Just finished the first series of Orange is the new black and loved it, on to series 2 now :0)

  12. I couldn't wait to watch Humans and I am all caught up....hehehe Last one next week. Eek! x


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