5 Jul 2015

5 Tips to Beautiful Summer Skin

The long wait is over. Summer is finally here! For me, summer is all about long sunny afternoons spent reading books with a Pimms for company. It is about picnics, barbecues, Wimbledon, strawberries and cream. And about taking care of my skin so that it stays healthy and glowing right through the warm weather.

The heat and the strong rays of the summer sun can take their toll, leaving skin dull and dehydrated. Here are five tips that can help give your skin that healthy, radiant summer glow.

1) Hydration: 
Water holds the key to a glowing complexion. That, and a good foundation! Jokes apart, water really is essential for all vital bodily functions. It is so important to maintain hydration through the warm summer months. Fizzy drinks, juice and alcohol don't count, I'm afraid. They are fluids alright, but do more harm than good when it comes to boosting hydration and looking after your skin. What you really need is good old still water from the tap. 

Try adding some ice and lemon or orange wedges to make water more interesting.

2) Nutrition: 
A healthy, balanced diet is another essential to attain and maintain skin health. Aim for your 5-a-day. Reach for a nutrient-rich snack like a handful of nuts, a slice of cheese or a piece of fruit. A couple of eggs on toast for breakfast can work wonders for your weight as well. Always an added bonus!

Try and get as much variety into your diet as possible. That way, you will obtain the full range of vitamins, minerals, essential fats and micronutrients that are so important for good health. Your skin will thank you for it.

3) Exercise:  
Ever wonder why you look all flushed after a good workout? That's because exercise improves the blood flow to the skin. More blood means better oxygenation and a better supply of nutrients to the skin cells. It also means better removal of wastes and toxins from the skin.

In addition to the multitude of benefits that you reap from exercise, don't forget to add beautiful glowing skin to the list.

4) Pampering: 
Your skin does need some TLC, more so in the summer months. Remember to apply a generous layer of sunscreen all through the summer. It does not matter if it is cloudy, you still need protection against the rays of the sun.

And if you really feel like it, why not indulge in a spot of pampering with a DIY facial? I just love the feel of cold bio-yogurt against my skin. So my go-to home facial is yogurt with a spoonful of honey.

5) Quit smoking: 
You don't need me touting about the harmful effects that cigarette smoking can have on your health. Everyone knows about them, even the tobacco companies. That's why they have that health warning in huge bold letters on every packet they sell. Apart from the more life-threatening effects of cigarette smoke, it is also known to age skin. Smoking changes the skin, hair and teeth and can add years to your appearance.

You don't need a Nicky Hambleton-Jones to make you ten years younger. It is a DIY job if you quit smoking. Everyone says it is so very hard to give up smoking. It is, but not if you really want to do it. I know at least three people who just set their hearts on it and stopped smoking overnight. If you think you can't go cold turkey with it, there is the option of nicotine patches or e-cigarettes to help with the transition. The e-cigarettes contain nicotine, but not the other known carcinogens that are present in cigarette smoke. They still deliver the addictive nicotine though, and are currently being evaluated for long-term safety.

So there you have it. Five handy tips that will keep your skin looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy in springtime even in the scorching heat of the summer sun. What would you add to the list?

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  1. This is a great reminder of what we should all be doing if we want to keep our youthful glow!! I am guilty of not drinking enough water myself so this is what I am working on!!

  2. What some great tips! I have to admit I don't look after my skin as much as I should. x

  3. Some great tips! I am really bad at looking after my skin and often end up with dry skin

  4. Great tips - I know I need to swap some of the drinks I love to glug for more water....

  5. I would add protection. It is the most important thing to do for your skin in the summer

  6. Great tips, I really need to remember to drink more!

  7. I am guilty of not looking after my skin enough, but I do try and drink lots of water

  8. Great tips. The hydration is a big one for me, I never drink enough water!

  9. Good tips. I'd add to the list that it's good to moisturise your skin morning and evening.

  10. Great post... Of the basic, hydration is a must if you ignore everything else... nothing beats it :)

  11. yes I am drinking more and my skin is better for it

  12. Great tips, especially the quitting smoking. I drink loads of water and it definitely keeps my skin fresher x

  13. I'm so guilty of not doing most of these so thank you for the reminder. Especially to drink water, I never drink enough unless I've got a bottle staring back at me! Great tips x

  14. Great tips - I am really trying to drink more water, and I don't smoke :) Kaz x

  15. Looking after your skin is so important, you have shared some great tips.


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