28 Jul 2015

A Brand New Children's Menu at Cafe Rouge

It is Sunday afternoon and we are headed to our local Café Rouge to check out the new children’s menu on offer. We have always enjoyed family meals at Café Rouge, so are terribly excited that they have introduced a brand new menu pour les enfants.

Unlike the adult menu, the children’s menu is a 2-in-1 affair. It doubles up as an activity sheet with puzzles, word jumbles and pictures that little ones can colour in while they wait for their meals to be served. They can even make a little postcard to send to a friend detailing what they loved most about their Café Rouge experience.

A Brand New Children's Menu at Cafe Rouge for £6.95

26 Jul 2015

A Summer of Memories

J broke up from nursery school this Friday and I have just spent the weekend organising his uniform for the start of reception in September. It is hard to believe, but my son is on the verge of the single biggest transition of his little life. It will be the first time he will be away from me for hours on end, five days in a row. How will my little J cope? Quite well, I think. How will I cope, I do not know.

A Summer of Memories

24 Jul 2015

The Blogger Interview

I have never, ever been interviewed in my life before (job interviews do not count). Why would I? I am neither rich nor famous. Or infamous, for that matter.

When the lovely Zena at Zena's Suitcase asked if I wanted to do The Blogger Interview, I thought, "Why not?" I had only recently been the interviewer asking lots of questions to a fellow blogger and author. It should be interesting to see things from an interviewee's perspective. Especially as this might be the only interview I ever get to do!

So here goes. A no-holds barred insight into my blogging soul.

20 Jul 2015

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm Giveaway

Carbon monoxide (CO) is called the Silent Killer for a reason. The gas has no colour, no smell and is potentially deadly. It is formed when any fuel like coal, wood, oil or gas fails to burn properly, without a good supply of oxygen in the air. Exposures to high levels of carbon monoxide even for short periods of time can prove fatal.

We generally associate carbon monoxide with boilers and fireplaces in winter. Who would have thought that the gas can prove just as deadly in the hot summer months!

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm Giveaway

19 Jul 2015

Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmer

What is better than a Yankee Candle? A Yankee Candle that is smokeless and mess-free. That’s right. With the Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmer that is exactly what you get.

The Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmers are a new range of flameless heaters from Yankee Candle designed to melt wax quickly and efficiently, leaving your home smelling delightful. They come in five designs so you can pick one to suit your taste and to go with your home décor. They would make a lovely housewarming or Christmas present.

18 Jul 2015

Pick Your Own Strawberries - Sunday 19/07/2015

Pick Your Own Strawberries


The Colours of India

India is a land steeped in history. India is a land of diversity trying to find its identity in a modern world. It is a land where culture amalgamates with current and people are constantly treading the fine line between traditional and contemporary.

This mishmash of ‘has been’ and ‘is’ is evident in all walks of Indian life. From food, transport, clothes to technology and work, there is nothing in India that has remained impervious to the advent of modernism.

One thing however, has remained unchanged through the ages. The Colours of India.

The Colours of India

14 Jul 2015

An Interview with Christopher Peter, Author and Blogger

What would YOU do if a flying saucer landed outside your home?

Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer is the new book from Christopher Peter that takes the reader on a fun and engaging sci-fi adventure. With strong themes about friendship and bullying, it is a fantastic read for children aged 7+. They will love the exciting story and it might get reluctant readers to fall in love with reading books.

Christopher Peter is the author of two previous books for children, Falling Girl and BASIC Boy. He was inspired to start writing seriously after having children of his own – both because he believes that books are crucial to raising children and because it reminded him of the wonderful books that shaped him when he was young. Christopher Peter was born in Rochford, Essex, and now lives in Oxford with his wife and three children.

Christopher speaks candidly here in my first blog interview, on everything from Danny Chaucer to life as an author and blogger. 

Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer, the new book from Christopher PeterInterview with Christopher Peter, Author and Blogger

1) When did you decide that you wanted to write books?
Well I’ve always wanted to really, at least from primary school age. But it was when I turned 40 that I thought, right, time to do this now – not just start writing a book, but actually finish it. Maybe it takes a milestone in life to make you re-evaluate everything and to get on with something you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. And since then I’ve written three books, so it worked in my case.

12 Jul 2015

8 Travel Hacks for Flying with Kids and Trunki Giveaway

Our J has been flying long-haul since he was 4 months old. He has clocked more air miles in his four years than I did in my first three decades of life. This makes him a seasoned flyer and me, by extension, quite the pro when it comes to handing out advice on flying with children.

Here are my 8 travel hacks to make life easier when flying with children.

8 Travel Hacks for Flying with Kids

10 Jul 2015

New Activity Books by Little Tiger Press UK

As you, my lovely readers are already aware, we are passing through the dinosaur phase at the moment. We have been reading Noisy Dinosaurs and we have been painting and playing with these intriguing creatures.

The dino theme continues courtesy of Little Tiger Press UK, who have kindly given us a copy of their Little Snappers Dinosaurs Funtime sticker activity book to review. As the name suggests, it is a book full of dinosaur stickers and fun activities aimed at early learning years.

Dinosaurs Funtime sticker activity book by Little Tiger Press UK

9 Jul 2015

A Brewers Fayre Birthday Party

I knew Brewers Fayre did birthday parties because J had been invited to one last year. So when the time came to select a venue for J’s fourth birthday, the only dilemma facing us was which Brewers Fayre to book. We have a couple near us, you see. One of them has undergone a recent refurbishment and hosts a large Fun Factory, a dedicated children’s play area. The other one has a smaller Play Zone, but with the advantage that it is open to the restaurant seating area. The glass screen on one side also means parents can keep an eye on proceedings while enjoying their meal.

When offered the choice of venues, J chose the one with the Play Zone. Not surprising given that it was familiar territory. (We do visit this particular Brewers Fayre quite often, recently during May half-term).

A Brewers Fayre Birthday Party

7 Jul 2015

'Lauren' by Hotter Shoes

Remember that line that Renee Zellweger spouts with such conviction in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason? She is talking about Mark Darcy's alleged affair with the slender, leggy Rebecca Gillies. "My legs only come up to here!"

As do mine. Not in a million years will I ever have those long, slender limbs that go all the way up to there. The only way I can ever be close to 5 feet 7 inches tall is by wearing a pair of high heels.

'Lauren' by Hotter Shoes

5 Jul 2015

5 Tips to Beautiful Summer Skin

The long wait is over. Summer is finally here! For me, summer is all about long sunny afternoons spent reading books with a Pimms for company. It is about picnics, barbecues, Wimbledon, strawberries and cream. And about taking care of my skin so that it stays healthy and glowing right through the warm weather.

The heat and the strong rays of the summer sun can take their toll, leaving skin dull and dehydrated. Here are five tips that can help give your skin that healthy, radiant summer glow.

2 Jul 2015

What TV Are You Watching This Summer?

I am a self-confessed couch potato. There, I've said it. I do like to park my bottom on a comfy sofa and watch television as much as the next person. Some days, if things are particularly bad, I even catch myself dreaming about a place in the sun, home or away. Although I have never been that badly hit as to take refuge in the inane natter of a certain Mr. Kyle. 

There are a handful of TV programmes that I refuse to miss. Even if it means catching them after they have aired. Or wrestling J and M for the remote control at times. I think, and you might agree, my picks will look utterly spectacular on a large TV set like these from Panasonic curve televisions UK

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