14 Jun 2015

Geronimo Fabulous Family Festival 2015

“Look, Mr. Bloom is here!” I let out an excited scream. I don’t know who is more delighted to see Mr Bloom, my son or me. We are in the meet and greet queue as Mr Bloom from CBeebies makes his way to his fans.

Meet Mr Bloom of CBeebies at Geronimo Fabulous Family Festival 2015

It is Bank Holiday Monday, and we have driven down to Tatton Park in leafy Cheshire to visit Geronimo, the fabulous family festival. It is our first time at Geronimo, and we are looking forward to experiencing all that it offers.

Arriving at the VIP tent, we get our colourful lanyards with a map and details of all that’s happening at the festival. A quick browse helps us decide on a few must-dos; meeting Mr Bloom is one of them.

Me and my lanyard at Geronimo Fabulous Family Festival 2015

We start off with a donkey ride for J. It is not often my son sits astride a four-legged animal with such aplomb. I am honestly surprised by the confidence on display and the complete lack of whingeing. He comes off the donkey and immediately decides he is hungry. We have packed a picnic, but the weather is not great. So we settle inside the VIP tent on comfy sofas to munch on our sandwiches and wait for Mr Bloom to make an appearance.

My patience is rewarded and before long we are at the front of the queue. J gets his picture taken with the man himself and goes off to finish his lunch. We then set off again to explore Geronimo.

The entire area is divided into zones. So you have the main entertainment stage for the live shows, an adrenaline zone, an indoor creative area for when the weather is not great, a circus zone, a dance floor and an area for toddlers and little ones. In addition, there are lots of stalls selling a variety of food and drink. From burgers and chips to churros and chocolate dips, there is something for everyone.

Katy takes centre stage at Geronimo

M wants to see the sheep shearing, so we wander off to take in the action. And then check on newly hatched chicks, ducklings and goslings. It is my first time holding a tiny fluffy chick in my hand. J strokes it gingerly, but doesn’t want it in his palm. He has no such qualms about Shetland ponies though, and astounds me once again by his confidence astride one. My boy seems to have a flair for riding, something I will have to look at closely in the future.

J is in his element in the adrenaline section, his favourite by far. He adores the den-building and is off dragging sticks twice his size, propping them, stacking them and then hiding in his den. Bouncy castles are up next, and it is only the lure of ice-cream that stops him carrying on bouncing, climbing and sliding.

Adrenaline Zone at Geronimo

And then M and J decide to have a go on the Helter-Skelter. I stand at the foot-end, my camera poised, as they come whooshing down the giant slide. Both boys would have done that all day long, if there wasn’t so much else to see and do.

Helter Skelter at Geronimo Fest

It is a day of huge firsts for J. He has been using his balance bike very efficiently for over a year now, and we are considering buying him a pedal cycle without stabilisers. We spot the IslaBikes on display and pop over to see if J can handle one. He does rather well, helped along by a friendly assistant. I am seriously contemplating buying an IslaBike for him this year.

Trying out an IslaBike at Geronimo 2015

IslaBikes at Geronimo festival

Our day at Geronimo is drawing to a close, but not before we take in a spectacular circus show. And J has checked out the arts and crafts corner. We go in and come out armed with a spoon-person and a sparkly duck!

All sorts at Geronimo
Arts and crafts at Geronimo Fest 2015

We are about to head home, but get caught up in a colourful carnival making its way around the grounds. It is performers from the Manchester School of Samba regaling visitors with music and dance.

A carnival atmosphere at Geronimo

Geronimo has lived up to all our expectations and more. It has indeed been a fantastic, fun day out for the whole family. I hope the festival is back next year and we have a chance to visit again.

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Geronimo Fabulous Family Festival

Disclaimer: We were provided entry passes to Geronimo for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow this looks fab! So much to see and do! I just LOVE Mr Bloom :)

    1. Me too! No way I was going to miss seeing him.

  2. This looks like such a fun event. I love old-fashioned helter skelters and the carnival looks great too.

  3. Wow! That looks like a fantastic day out! So much to see and do! x

  4. How cool does your day look? (All mums love Mr Bloom - Haha) It was packed full of fun, donkey rides, great stuff I haven't seen donkey rides in ages. The event looks fabulous.

  5. What a great day that was! I like how there's different zones and sounds like their was plenty to do. Plus you can't beat a bit of Mr Bloom - have you heard him sing?

  6. This looks like a fantastic day out! The carnival looks very cool and bright :-) What a fun day!x

  7. Wow this looks like so much fun! What a great day out! xx

  8. OOOH I do like Mr Bloom.
    Childrens festivals are so exciting. I went to one last year with my Daughter and have yet to book this years!
    Your pictures are great - fun but busy day eh?!

  9. How awesome! We bumped into Mr Bloom at The Big Feastival last year and I was SO starstruck haha! Love family festivals xx

  10. It sounds like an amazing festival! I'm putting it on my bucket list for next year! c

  11. Ive never heard of Mr Bloom, though in my defense I have no small people x

  12. We wanted to go but it was too far for us to travel. I was gutted last year when my kids refused to meet Mr Bloom lol - looks like a lot of fun

  13. Looks like a fab day out and churros and chocolate is a personal favourite!

  14. Looks like a lot of fun - we keep saying we must go to a festival.

  15. oh it looks like a great day i always enjoyed watchin him on childrens shows

  16. Oh how brilliant, this sounds like such a great day. How awesome to meet Mr bloom too, fabulous :)

  17. I actually laughed out loud at you screaming at Mr Bloom!! So funny. It looks like a great festival - I'm going to have to try and make it next year!

  18. What a lovely day out with so many fun things to do.

  19. What a great sounding day out, I hope you enjoyed meeting Mr Bloom ;) x

  20. Sounds brilliant - love the bling on the rubber duck!

  21. wow what a fab day out sounds amazing

  22. What a brilliant day out! Pickle loves Mr Bloom! Kaz x


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