30 Jun 2015

A Minions Birthday Party by Party Bags and Supplies

Minions! They seem to be everywhere at the moment. It is almost as if the whole world has been taken over by these cute little dungaree-clad yellow characters.

Our J has been caught up in the Minion frenzy, as am I. It is hard not to like anything that goes, "Ba-boy!" Little wonder then, that when it came to choosing a theme for J's fourth birthday party, my son piped up with, "Minions!"

Minions Despicable Me Happy Birthday Party BannerMinions Despicable Me 17in Happy Birthday Foil Balloon

27 Jun 2015

Sunday 28/6/15


26 Jun 2015

Paint and Play Dinosaurs by InterPlay UK

J continues to be fascinated with dinosaurs, so I have little choice but to carry on with the dinosaur theme for now. We had the Noisy Dinosaur book a few days back. And now we have a Paint and Play Dinosaurs set from Interplay UK.

Paint and Play Dinosaurs by InterPlay UK
Paint and Play Dinosaurs by InterPlay UK

24 Jun 2015

Out Of Africa by Yankee Candle

I love candles. There is something entirely soothing about the soft halo of light that surrounds a flickering wick as it floats in a sea of molten wax.

Yankee Candle have always been a huge favourite of mine. I love the variety they offer, both in terms of innovative fragrances and jar sizes. I always seem to find something to suit my mood and time of day.

Yankee Candle have recently launched the Out Of Africa candle collection. It is available to buy right away as a Votive Happiness Box, with jars being released later in July. The box contains one votive each of the four Out Of Africa fragrances.

Out Of Africe by Yankee Candle

22 Jun 2015

Noisy Dinosaurs - Book Review

Like most children his age, J is intrigued by dinosaurs at the moment. He doesn’t know the different types or that they lived millions of years ago and are now extinct. He does however, love to play with his toy dinos and pretend that they eat everyone up!

Now I am no palaeontologist. There are only 2 dinosaurs I am aware of – the T-rex and the triceratops. So I do not trust my knowledge base to discuss dinosaur varieties with my son or answer the multitude of questions that crop up. I would rather source a good book to help me with the job.

This is the reason why I was so pleased when asked to review Noisy Dinosaurs by Little Tiger Press. Noisy Dinosaurs is just that. It is a touch and feel book about dinosaurs with the added benefit of sound effects. 

Noisy Dinosaurs by Little Tiger Press - Book Review

17 Jun 2015

Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

J has only recently made the transition from Duplo to Lego after we bought him his first Lego set, a fire engine. So I was quite keen to take him to the Legoland Discovery Centre in The Trafford Centre, Manchester to see what he makes of all the Lego.

Legoland Discovery Centre, Trafford Centre, Manchester

14 Jun 2015

Geronimo Fabulous Family Festival 2015

“Look, Mr. Bloom is here!” I let out an excited scream. I don’t know who is more delighted to see Mr Bloom, my son or me. We are in the meet and greet queue as Mr Bloom from CBeebies makes his way to his fans.

Meet Mr Bloom of CBeebies at Geronimo Fabulous Family Festival 2015

It is Bank Holiday Monday, and we have driven down to Tatton Park in leafy Cheshire to visit Geronimo, the fabulous family festival. It is our first time at Geronimo, and we are looking forward to experiencing all that it offers.

8 Jun 2015

In The Night Garden Party at CBeebies Land

“Yes, my name is IgglePiggle,” is something I have heard every single day over the last three odd years. If you are a parent to a 0-4 year old, you will know what I am talking about. If you have ever been around a 0-4 year old, you too will know what I am talking about. For all the rest, what planet do you inhabit?

Bedtime in most households is synonymous with In The Night Garden playing on the CBeebies TV channel. It is when IgglePiggle, Upsy Daisy and Co. make their daily sojourn through the garden at night.

It is a year since CBeebies Land at Alton Towers opened the In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride. They hosted a lovely birthday party to mark the occasion, and J was invited to attend with his family. Imagine the excitement in the C-house when a personalised invitation from IgglePiggle came through the letterbox!

7 Jun 2015

Sulivan Boy’s 3 in 1 Waterproof Jacket by Trespass

“It’s so warm!” exclaimed J as I zipped up his new Sulivan Boy’s 3 in 1 Waterproof Jacket. As I have previously mentioned, Trespass has very kindly offered to kit out our J for his first real rambling expedition this summer. The waterproof jacket is one of two fantastic and essential pieces that J will need to start his adventures. The other is this lovely pair of walking boots.

Trespass is well known for their outdoor clothing and equipment. So J’s reaction to the Sulivan jacket should come as no surprise. It looks and feels like a proper grown-up piece of clothing, only in a smaller size.

Sulivan Boy’s 3 in 1 Waterproof Jacket by Trespass

6 Jun 2015

Sunday 07/06/15

A glimpse of the architectural splendour in Mdina- The Old Capital and Silent City. This is from our recent holiday in Malta.


3 Jun 2015

Giz Gaz Kids Walking Boots by Trespass

There is a reason why my blog is called Rambling Through Parenthood. It started off as a blog about rambling, way before parenthood came into the picture. M and I loved to go rambling in the Lake District. Long walks were a lovely way to let off steam. Clambering up steep inclines was an excellent way to get fit. We walked loads, but managed just a couple of posts on the blog.

Then parenthood happened and the rambling took a back seat. But the blog took off in its new avatar. It became a journal of our ramblings through the maze of parenthood.

The love of a good long walk still burns strong. In M, in me, and I am hoping in my little boy J as well. The time has come to introduce my city-bred boy to the country. Come this summer, we intend to embark once again on our ramblings through the wilderness of the English countryside.

Not before J is properly kitted out. The unreliable British weather necessitates the use of waterproofs and J needs something snug, warm and comfortable to keep him cosy and dry as we explore the Cumbrian fells. Cue Trespass, one of UK’s leading retailers of outdoor clothing.

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