1 Apr 2015

School Run Colours 01/04/15 - Think Thinks

School Run Colours
J is learning rhyming words at school. He has been practising at home trying to see what rhymes. Some he gets right, some he gets wrong. Most he just makes up as he goes along. I like that he is trying and allowing his creativity to soar as he makes up his own little poems.

The one today ran along the lines of 'Five little ducks'. Only, we started at 10 because he can now count to ten, and counted down to 1. They were not swimming, these ducks, they were doing chores like looking for a stick, cleaning and watering plants. Most of it did not rhyme, but it still made me immensely proud that he was letting his imagination fly.

This week's School Run Colours are a nod both to my son's newfound love of poetry and to Dr. Seuss for making me think.

Oh the thinks you can think
If only you try
What can you think of
As you look up at the sky

Wispy white clouds
Adrift on the breeze
Or a big white elephant
Trying to catch a sneeze

A great horned dino
With a loud, noisy roar
With the wind in his ears
Up and away he soars

Is that a hungry hippo
With his mouth open wide
Chomping on marbles till
There's an ache in his side

I think of an aeroplane
Riding the ocean waves
And pretty little butterflies
Swarming in dark caves

Berries and buttercups
Flung together in a bake
The colours of the rainbow
Iced on chocolate cake

You see what you think
Is the thing that you see
You see, you can see
All the thinks that you think.

These are my School Run Colours for this week. If you are new to the School Run Colours linky, you can read all about it here, including how to link up. 

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School Run Colours

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  1. I love Dr Seuss, this is a cute poem and good tribute to him

  2. I'mnot sure if my first comment worked. This is a cute poem!

  3. Arrrrr yes how cool, I am not good a poems .

  4. What a sweet poem. Dr Seuss - classic

  5. I love your poem, it really reflects the vivid imagination of a child x

  6. oh i do love seuss, its such a shame , its a classic for our home

  7. Dr. Seuss is fab and the photo you've shared here of the clouds is just beautiful x

  8. My youngest and I love Dr. Seuss! Oh The Thinks You Can Think is one of our favourites and I love this poem of yours. Just as entertaining as Dr. Seuss himself. :)

  9. I love this! I also love seeing things in clouds :)

  10. Have to admit i find Dr Seuss a bit weird

  11. I love Dr suess as do the kids.
    I keep meaning to join in with this but school runs are usually rushed and stressful

  12. That is a lovely poem, I like J's approach of making up as you go along - it's served me well for years lol. Stephen :o)

  13. I still do this now... its a competition at work to see who can rhyme the most x

  14. Our favorite activity is to look up and see whats in store for us! My son usually see traffic sign shapes =)

  15. I love this stage - Erin is making up words and reading everything we see. It is amazing to watch.

  16. This titally smacks of Dr Seuss! Well done - and I love cloud pictures too, one of my favourite things. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  17. love this Dr Seuss - eque poem, lovely! x


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