30 Apr 2015

Vichy and La-Roche Posay Beauty Buys from ChemistDirect.co.uk

Hurray! My stash of Vichy and La-Roche Posay products from ChemistDirect.co.uk has arrived! Remember I had told you of their lovely third off offer way back in March? Well, I am still the same as far as beauty regimes go, but I am super excited to try out this bunch of lovely looking products.

Vichy and La-Roche Posay products from ChemistDirect.co.uk

29 Apr 2015

Find Your Blogging Mojo

I have lost my blogging mojo and am having trouble finding it. Anyone who follows my blog, and I believe that is not very many (I know, my fault. Crap writing can't be expected to garner a large following or so I believe, albeit erroneously. I have screamed in agony at the popularity of some cringeworthy writing, with no effect on anybody's viewer stats whatsoever).

Oh dear! Sounds like this is going to be a swear-fest. And to think I have only recently been warned about doing it at my peril. For the Gods of Google, not to mention the PR angels tend to frown upon uncouth language. Pity they don't seem to care much about spelling or grammar.

Says she who leaves a sentence in mid-air. Anywho! I was going on about my lost blogging mojo and got utterly distracted by my pet peeve. As I was saying, in a rather roundabout way, I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. I haven't blogged properly in a long time. I haven't blogged at all for over two weeks. Social media seems to be a chore. And I feel all alone and lost in the huge scary place that is the blogoshphere.

That is overdoing it a tad. But there is no denying the lack of joining in with linkies or commenting on other blogs has resulted in a plummeting viewership and an utterly lukewarm, nearly non-existent response to my own linky, which I thought was a rather bright idea at the time.

Rambling on, and on a quest to find my lost blogging mojo, I have devised a strategy that seems to have worked to an extent that it has got me madly typing out this post. If it worked for me, there is no reason why it shouldn't for you.

So all you good bloggers out there, if ever you find yourself at sea over a lost blogging mojo, here are three handy tips that can get you back on track.

11 Apr 2015

Chocolate Crafting at The Copthorne Hotel, Manchester

What is better than eating chocolate? Eating chocolate that you have crafted with your own fair hands. I'll be honest with you. I love chocolate be it dark, milk, with or without nuts, flavoured or plain. I have, on occasion, been known to eat white chocolate when there was no other on hand.

I have indulged in hand-crafted chocolate, but have never had the pleasure to craft my own. There is always a first time for everything. So when I was invited to attend a chocolate crafting event at The Copthorne Hotel in Manchester, I was not about to let my healthy-living conscience get in the way of what turned out to be a wonderfully gratifying experience.

The Copthorne Hotel, Salford Quays, Manchester

9 Apr 2015

Make Me A Will

"Do we need to make a will?" is a question that never once crossed my mind in my twenties. I did not think about a will when I got married, I did not think about making a will when we got our own home. All that changed after J was born.

Becoming a parent changes everything, it turns your life upside down and radically alters your perception. "We need to make a will," followed naturally.

You would wonder why, as generally healthy parents in their thirties, we were thinking of making a will. Like any normal parents, we had to ensure we were making adequate provisions for our child's future. And it wasn't just money that I was thinking about, though that is obviously an area of concern.

What we were most worried about was the question of guardianship in the event both of us, his natural parents, passed away (God forbid and touch wood!) The law is that even if there are obvious guardians in sight for the child, like grandparents or godparents, the courts intervene and decide who gets custody of children under 18.

8 Apr 2015

School Run Colours 08/04/15 - Pink

School Run Colours

Blossoming glory
rich in the pink of youth
Bleeding veins

These are my School Run Colours for this week. If you are new to the School Run Colours linky, you can read all about it here, including how to link up. 

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School Run Colours

6 Apr 2015

Meditation and Spirituality - How I See It

Spirituality means different things to different people. To me, it is a balance between body and mind, an ideal, harmonious co-existence between a person and the Universe.

To attain this level of spiritual enlightenment is easier said than done. Not when the stresses of everyday life and extraneous factors completely without your control are constantly trying to wreck havoc with your sense of calm.

2 Apr 2015

London with Kids (on a Budget)

My son J adores trains, but he had never been on an electric train in all of his three years. We decided to change that last summer when we took him down to the big city of London for a weekend break. I have been meaning to write all about it, but procrastination being my middle name, never really got round to it. Until now.

London with Kids (on a Budget)

Here are my top ten must sees and must dos when visiting London with kids. And yes, you can enjoy London even when you are on a budget.

1 Apr 2015

Peter Rabbit - Tales of the Start of Spring DVD Review & Giveaway

I don't know who was more excited when Peter Rabbit became an animation series for CBeebies. Quite possibly, it was me rather than my son J. For although I had read Beatrix Potter's books and had the privilege of visiting the Lake District where it all began, J was yet to be introduced to the army of characters she penned.

Both J and I are now huge fans of Peter Rabbit. How can you not like this extraordinary character with a taste for adventure and abundant courage, who always seems to find his way into a sticky situation and then a thrilling way out of it.

Beatrix Potter's timeless characters are now available on DVD in Peter Rabbit - Tales of the Start of Spring. I know, it doesn't quite feel like spring at the moment. But with Easter just days away and little bunny rabbits hopping in the meadows, the warmth and the sunshine cannot be far behind.

Peter Rabbit - Tales of the Start of Spring DVD

School Run Colours 01/04/15 - Think Thinks

School Run Colours
J is learning rhyming words at school. He has been practising at home trying to see what rhymes. Some he gets right, some he gets wrong. Most he just makes up as he goes along. I like that he is trying and allowing his creativity to soar as he makes up his own little poems.

The one today ran along the lines of 'Five little ducks'. Only, we started at 10 because he can now count to ten, and counted down to 1. They were not swimming, these ducks, they were doing chores like looking for a stick, cleaning and watering plants. Most of it did not rhyme, but it still made me immensely proud that he was letting his imagination fly.

This week's School Run Colours are a nod both to my son's newfound love of poetry and to Dr. Seuss for making me think.

Oh the thinks you can think
If only you try
What can you think of
As you look up at the sky

Wispy white clouds
Adrift on the breeze
Or a big white elephant
Trying to catch a sneeze

A great horned dino
With a loud, noisy roar
With the wind in his ears
Up and away he soars

Is that a hungry hippo
With his mouth open wide
Chomping on marbles till
There's an ache in his side

I think of an aeroplane
Riding the ocean waves
And pretty little butterflies
Swarming in dark caves

Berries and buttercups
Flung together in a bake
The colours of the rainbow
Iced on chocolate cake

You see what you think
Is the thing that you see
You see, you can see
All the thinks that you think.

These are my School Run Colours for this week. If you are new to the School Run Colours linky, you can read all about it here, including how to link up. 

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School Run Colours

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