25 Mar 2015

School Run Colours 25/03/2015 - Hide and Seek Adventure

School Run Colours

My son is now an age when imagination runs riot and there is a 'benture' (adventure) to be had around every corner from on the living room sofa to under the dining room table. Everyday happenings that grown-ups take for granted elicit intrigue and the questions flow thick and fast as he tries to make sense of the world around him. Add a vivid imagination and a keen sense of hearing to the mix and we have the perfect recipe to keep Mum on her toes trying to sort fact from fiction.

This is my first attempt at writing a fictional piece for children. Needless to say, it has been inspired by my son's current favourite obsessions. 

Pretty pink flowers all in a row
What is that hiding in the shadows
Of its boughs? 

Is it a fierce dinosaur 
with a roar strong and loud
Or a little red squirrel 
digging for nuts in the ground 

Is it a wise old wizard
in a cloak and pointy hat
Or a crooked cackling witch
with a green and black cat

Is it a big giant spaceship 
with friendly aliens on board
Or a king in his castle
fighting battles with a sword

Is it a fierce snarling dog
hunting for a chewy bone
Or a teenie tiny dragonfly 
hovering like a drone

Is it a scary ghost train
chuffing all around
Or a digger-turned-helicopter
Transformers abound!

Is it an enormous monster
with three eyes and a snotty nose
Or a huge hungry 'helephant'
that eats a pink rose

What secrets lurk under 
the shadows of these boughs
Come and join us 
on an adventure to explore.

These are my School Run Colours for this week. If you are new to the School Run Colours linky, you can read all about it here, including how to link up. 

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Prose for Thought



  1. That camellia is stunning, and what a fab poem it inspired you to pen. x

  2. A beautiful read, you are very talented

  3. Sorry about the w/ linky word in my entry. It doesnt really have a linky.

    The poem is fun! Let your imagination roam free and the possibilities of your adventure would be endless =)

  4. What a lovely post! I love the piece you wrote. so so sweet

  5. Such beautiful pink flowers! They would lift my spirits on the school run.

  6. Great poem that really captures how a child's imagination works!

  7. What a beautiful piece of poetry and such gorgeous flowers. Well done you xxx

  8. I love your poem and what gorgeous flowers - is that taken now? I would love to see colours like that on my school run!

  9. Beautiful poem and flowers too, so pretty :)

  10. Such beautiful blooms that really make me think of Spring and I love the poem

  11. What a beautiful and well written poem.You definitely have talent for poetry.

  12. Wow, I always really admire anyone who can write poetry - yours is brilliant!

  13. What a gorgeous looking plant to see on the school run and beautiful poem. x

  14. I agree, I love the colours. I like your poem too - I love how kids see magic and monsters in everything and I think you've touched on that :) #proseforthought

  15. beautiful blooms and lovely words! x

  16. I love the poem it's great to be able to draw inspiration for your child's toys and make them into soemthing creative x

  17. Lovely poem captures the world of your little one's imagination beautifully. #Prose4T

  18. what a stunning shade of flower, so very attractive i love bright and cheerful flowers

  19. This is great, such fabulous imagery to fuel the imagination! And, I love the flowers, so looking forward to seeing some colour here! #prose4t

  20. Such beautiful pink flowers, how could they not make you smile and feel instantly happy x

  21. If this is your first you are a total natural! .. what a beautiful piece xx

  22. Lovely poem and beautiful blooms too :)

  23. great poem and a pretty picture

  24. That camelia is beautiful, such a vivid shade of pink

  25. Beautiful flowers and poem - what a lovely way to capture the world of a child's imagination.

  26. Our farm is covered in these pink camelia right now, so pretty. Great poem too

  27. Great poem. I love those beautiful flowers so colourful

    Thank you for linking up

  28. Such a lovely fun poem to tie in with those beautiful and vibrant pink flowers.xx

  29. They are just beautiful! Lovely words x

  30. I love peotry but I am not brave enough to put mine in public. Good on you.

  31. The picture is stunning and the poem is fab for little ones, I love it

  32. So lovely ... bright flowers and really imaginative poem - a good combination. What word pictures you paint, with so much sounds, sight and feel. Well done. Thanks for sharing. #MySundayPhoto

  33. Absolutely brilliant - you are such a talented lady and I love this piece from you Vai. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

    1. Thanks Victoria, for your very kind words and for hosting such a lovely linky x


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