24 Mar 2015

Honey Monster Puffs Review

We did not get the opportunity to meet the Honey Monster on its tour of the UK. But we did get to try out the newly redeveloped Honey Monster Puffs breakfast cereal.

Honey Monster Puffs

Honey Monster Puffs have undergone a change and now contain 20% more honey than before. Personally, I prefer the earthy flavour of honey as compared to that of refined sugar. So more honey in the Monster Puffs works for me. I also like the idea of puffed wheat grains as a cereal. It makes a nice change from the more usual puffed rice and popped corn that we are so used to eating. 

But I do have my reservations about incorporating these puffs into our daily breakfast routine on an on-going basis. The high sugar content, whether from honey or sugar, means a sudden burst of energy into the system after eating. I would much rather my family eat something that offers a slower release of energy, keeping them full and satiated over a longer period of time.

Having said that, my sweet tooth means I do enjoy the odd bowl of honey puffs. Or rather more regularly, a little sprinkling of puffs on my daily un-sweetened breakfast. My four year old concurs, and is happy to munch on Honey Monster Puffs as a snack or a treat, opting for the occasional sprinkling on his morning bowl of cereal.

Honey Monster Puffs

Disclaimer: We were sent samples of Honey Monster Puffs for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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