25 Jan 2015

The Phantom Listeners by Lydia Kakabadse: Review and Giveaway

The Phantom Listeners by Lydia Kakabadse
I love music, always have, always will. There are certain genres I gravitate to more than others depending on the time of day. Classical music, be it Western or Hindustani, has always featured heavily on my aural list. I enjoy both the traditional as well as contemporary forms, in addition to well-orchestrated fusion music if it does justice to all the influences that it draws from. Lydia Kakabadse's new album, The Phantom Listeners, qualifies on all these fronts and more.

Lydia grew up in a quiet market town in Cheshire, and has been composing music since the young age of thirteen. Working as a solicitor in previous years, she has a talent for writing both chamber and choral music. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences such as Middle Eastern Music, mythology, nineteenth century poets and Latin literature, Lydia has concocted a potent five-piece album which is both majestic and chimerical.

Of Georgian/Russian and Greek/Austrian parentage, Lydia manages to incorporate aspects of her fascinating family history within her music. When listening, you can hear the distinct allusion to Middle Eastern music, which is brilliantly interwoven within the classical themes.

The Mermaid, with its intermittent voiceover and lilting vocals, brings to life the heart-wrenching myth of a beautiful mermaid at peril on the high seas. The composition draws on the sounds of the oceans to add intensity to this timeless classic.

One of the truly elegant singles from the album Russian Tableaux is a captivating, bitter-sweet tribute to the landscape, history and culture of Russia.

The Latin text within The Phantom Listeners and the English text in The Mermaid were both written by Lydia.  The “Arabian Rhapsody Suite” was partly written whilst Lydia was undergoing breast cancer treatment in 2008, and an article was published shortly afterwards in the Eastern Daily Press depicting how much her composing helped her through the treatment. The “The Song of the Shirt”, Lydia wrote when she was just fifteen!

Lydia’s album gravitates towards an ethereal experience for the listener, providing stimuli for subliminal visuals.

You can find out more about Lydia from her website www.lydiakakabadse.com

One of my lucky readers can win a copy of Lydia Kakabadse's CD, The Phantom Listeners. Just enter via the Rafflecopter below to be in with a chance of winning.

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Disclaimer: I was given a copy of The Phantom Listeners by Lydia Kakabadse for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was received.


  1. I love this genre of music for when I am ironing - it helps me through it!

  2. It is lovely to listen to, would like this in my car.

  3. I would listen to it while l was doing the housework and on line Xx (Beautiful)

  4. i would listen to it whilst in the car

  5. whilst doing my housework thankyou

  6. I like to discover new music or rediscover music from forgotten classical composers that have fallen out of fashion. I would like to hear more of Lydia's music.

  7. I think this would be really nice playing in the background while doing some crafting.

  8. my husband listens to lots of classical music he would like this

  9. i always listen to music on my treadmill x

  10. I would like to win this CD as it is a relaxing CD

  11. I would like to listen to this cd whilst relaxing

  12. Vicki Geslak: Great music for relaxing, reading, sipping coffee or tea.

  13. Love the cellist, would listen to this in the car on long journeys- nicely relaxing


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