28 Jan 2015

Spring, already?

School Run Colours
Is it spring already,
In the middle of January?

Dipping temperatures, snow
Pink buds on every bough
A vibrant visual feast
Confusing, to say the least!

Shivering bones belie
Sights that greet the eye
No cause yet to rejoice
Toes as cold as ice.

How then, this burst of pink,
An aberration, you think?
A fallout of global warming
The cause of every problem.

A plant too eager to show
Pretty pink buds on every bough
What's a little hail or snow
Swathed warm in spring's glow.

But it can't be spring, really
Not at the end of January.

School Run Colours
Prose for Thought
You Baby Me Mummy


  1. Lovely, thanks I am now looking forward to more spring colours.

  2. Lovely words. It is quite strange seeing such a flower at this time of year. Very pretty. #SchoolRunColours

  3. Ah, I would love to see some signs of spring! Lovely words x #prose4t

  4. That looks very promising but I would have called my school-run 'blue' today because that was the colour of my lips by the end of it! xx

  5. Brilliant poem! I am SO with you on this. I have seen daffodils on our school run for the last couple of weeks which I was really shocked about. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  6. lovely! I can't wait for spring! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot xx

  7. I am so looking forward to spring but not before I have snow. I have been wishing for it all winter!

  8. We love ~Spring. Great Shot :) #PointShoot - Love the flash of colour too!


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