5 Jan 2015

Of Lifestyle Changes and Nando's Cockerel

At the beginning of last year, I made a pledge. A pledge to have a radical lifestyle overhaul, swapping all those ill-gotten traits of many years for more healthy habits. Needless to say, I failed. For want of trying hard enough and for yielding to temptations that seem to lurk behind every closed kitchen door and on every supermarket shelf when you are trying your best to be good.

This year, I have decided to take it a step further in the hope that it will shock me into doing the unthinkable. Achieve that elusive salubrious lifestyle. Before it is too late and my aching back and creaking bones make it impossible for me to climb up the stairs. Or down for that matter.

I have decided to put it all out there in the public domain. And I mean all of it. My very personal reason for hankering after a more healthy me. I hope that by blogging about it, by putting it where I can read it along with anyone else with access to the internet, I am actually making myself liable to honour my pledge.

Let me illustrate the real reason behind this urge for a healthier me. The last time I looked in a full-length mirror, which was this morning, this is the sight that greeted me. This, the Nando's Cockerel.

How, you ask? Was I eating breakfast at Nando's? Did I have a Nando's flyer reflecting in the mirror? Perhaps I was wearing one of those slogan t-shirts with the Cockerel covering every inch of space on the front. Or maybe I went crazy at the start of the New Year and got myself a Cockerel tattoo.

Nothing of the sort. It was my reflection staring back at me, snug, too snug if you ask me, in red and black pyjamas. It was me, in all my pear-shaped glory, looking so like the Nando's Cockerel, I could smell the peri-peri marinade.

So why do I cringe at being a lovely pear-shape, you ask. I would not, if only I was a lovely pear-shape a-la Beyonce or J-Lo. Alas, no. The only celebrity I bear resemblance to post my festive excesses is the Nando's Cockerel. For heredity has blessed me with lovely extremities quite out of proportion with the torso. The curse of the genes means that all the mulled wine and the mince pies head straight to where they are least wanted. Making me look like the Nando's Cockerel.

This has gone on for far too long. The time is nigh for me to start making an effort, a serious one, to stop looking like a Cockerel and to start looking more like a chicken wing. Well, perhaps a slightly meaty one, as I do like my curves.

Here is my fool-proof plan, designed to get me back into those skinny jeans just in time for Easter. When maybe I can indulge in a chocolate egg or two.

  1. No fads, just good old back-to-basics with three square meals a day. Skipping meals does not work for me. At all. It makes my hypoglycaemic, cranky and prone to snacking. There will be no cutting out on specific food groups, just sensible, balanced eating.
  2. No snacking. Snacks have been the bane of my existence, so much, that I sometimes feel like a cow grazing in a field. If only I grazed on green, green grass rather that brown chocolate.
  3. Walk the school run. This is something I started last year and mean to carry on with in this. I even started my very own blog linky called School Run Colours to keep up the inspiration. 2-4 miles daily is not something to be frowned at, especially for a couch potato like me. 
  4. Water is for drinking, is going to be my mantra this year. I solemnly pledge to drink more aqua than any other fluid.
  5. Fruit make for good puddings, is something I need to remember. Even doused in custard, they are a better option to the sugary treats I usually reach for at the end of most every meal.
  6. Saturday nights are treat nights. Alcohol allowed. I am trying to be good, not attain nirvana. That can wait till later. For now, I will carry on indulging my ethanol craving to the extent of a couple of units a week.

I have done it before, and I know I can do it again. That Cockerel is motivation enough.

The List


  1. Inspired. Want to be fighting before my 40th bday. Will definitely make my resolutions for a fit lifestyle and stick to it.

  2. Oh I too am in need of a bit of weight loss and toning - am going to be doing it in a similar way to you - no fads, just sensible eating!

  3. You have now made me want a Nandos at 9.45am x

  4. Good luck, I'm sure you can do it with such a sensibe action plan.

  5. Good on you, I have put it out that I am going to run a half marathon again this year. Now its out there I am more likely to get back to training!

  6. Good luck on your journey, well done you for taking the first steps. You have the determination to do this

  7. Sounds like a sensible plan. I'm trying to cut out snacks - biscuits and crisps are my downfall!

  8. Well done you and good luck with it all! I've been trying to cut down on snacks and be more active too.

  9. You can definitely do it! 3 meals a day, lots of water and 30 minutes exercise even if you can't face it. You'll do amazing I know you will. i just got a fitbit Charge and it's changed how i think about my lifestyle. It's amazing! x

  10. This made me chuckle. Good luck! x

  11. Good luck on your weight loss journey. I think sometimes it takes that shock moment to motivate us to do something about it.

  12. Good luck. I've taken to keeping a pint glass of water next to the sink and everytime I go into the kitchen I'll drink that, then refill for the next visit
    It's keeping me away from the snacks

  13. I first met that cockerel in Vilamora when I was little [Portugal]. Now I too see him, but he's pretty much like a rounder version. I'm an apple shaped one. Haha.

  14. Ha! You are not alone! My ass looks like the top of a Big Mac sesame seed bun. It's dimpled and plentiful. Time to out down the Macs and lift the carrot batons. Together we CAN do this! X

  15. Excellent goals Vai! I love the fact that you think you look like the Nandos cockerel (which is really quite cute :-) ) I think achievable goals are definitely the way forward!! #theprompt

  16. That really made me chuckle.....good luck xxxx

  17. This did make me giggle :) Good luck with your quest! I too need to get my act together over the next few months. Though tonight's Haagen Daaz and Sauvingnon Blanc might not be the best start with that... X

  18. Some good ideas in there! I definitely need to drink more water.
    I loved the Nandos thing, really made me laugh.
    Good luck! :) x

  19. I shouldn't really laugh, but this did make me chuckle. Being a vegetarian I am not that familiar with the Nando's Chicken... :) Good luck, sensible goals are definitely the way to go! Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt

  20. Sensible and achievable aims here, I reckon. Good luck with it. Get rid of the Chicken! xx

  21. I also need to drink more water, I think it helps to put it into bottles so you know how much you are drinking x

  22. Sounds good - especially treat night ;) but yes, I agree with all those points and on that note I'd better go get a glass of water, I've had nothing but tea all day :-/ xxx



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