31 Dec 2015

I Hereby Solemnly Resolve

Two years on a trot I made a promise to myself to change things around in my life. Some worked, most didn't. So why am I doing it again? I've heard third time's a charm. Hence a stronger likelihood that the resolutions, all of them, will stick this year. And I will get that lifestyle change that has eluded me for so long.

Happy New Year 2016

Here goes. I hereby solemnly resolve to:

22 Dec 2015

I'm an Official Ambassador for Geronimo 2016!

Then there was that day earlier this year when I came face to face with Mr. Bloom from CBeebies. The setting was the first ever Geronimo Festival.

If you missed being there, fret not. Geronimo is set to return in 2016 and it promises to be bigger and better. For a start, it is not only returning to Tatton Park in Cheshire for a second year on 29 and 30 May, but it also has a new second home at Harewood House, just outside Leeds, where it runs over the weekend of 1 – 2 May.

I am extremely delighted to announce that I have been selected to be an official blogger ambassador for Geronimo 2016. This means I can bring you all the Geronimo gossip as it happens, when it happens.

I'm an Official Ambassador for Geronimo 2016!

21 Dec 2015

Planning My Sky Blanket 2016

Remember how I revived my dormant crochet skills last month at the Black Sheep Wools Learn to Crochet workshop? Well, it is time to take the crocheting a step further in the New Year.

I will be doing a Sky Blanket in 2016 along with a large group of like-minded yarn lovers, a brainchild of the lovely Bug Bird Bee, The Boy And Me and You Little Sew And Sew. It is a sort of mood blanket designed to capture the colour of the sky above, on each day in 2016. There is the option to knit, crochet or quilt. I, as said, will be crocheting it.

I have been on a mission these last few weeks, gathering up all sorts of yarn for my Sky Blanket 2016. I have ended up with 15 balls of wool mainly in different shades of blue. There is light blue, sky blue, baby blue, royal blue, midnight blue and turquoise. And then there are a couple of exotic ones – bluebell and aster.

Planning My Sky Blanket 2016

Am I being overly optimistic in thinking that the sky in the North West of England will be predominantly blue this year? Perhaps, but I have also packed in a couple of greys just in case.

Then there is the red, orange, yellow and lilac for those vivid dawn and dusk skies. And I bought a bunch of multi-coloured yarn for when I shall see a rainbow. Or when the heavens are ablaze with colour like an artist’s palette.

The colours of the rainbow

I could not resist the idea of sparkle in my Sky Blanket. So I chose a deep blue and black with a thread of silver running through to capture the starry sky at night. The sparkling white will be for those silver linings on bleak, gloomy days. And the sunshine yellow is for the bright, sunny days that, every so often, brighten up and make our year special.

Glitter and sparkle - the starry sky at night

I haven’t decided on a specific time of day to base my choice of colours on. I will go with what I see when I look up at the sky, whenever I fancy it.  It will serve as a wonderful opportunity to actually stand and gaze at the sky, something that I don't do often enough.

As for the pattern, I am still toying with ideas at the moment. I want my Sky Blanket to be large enough for J, M and me to snuggle up under on the sofa. So I am thinking of a chain length between 150 and 200, building up with rows of double or half treble crochet, one row for every day in 2016.

On the other hand, I am tempted to use this as a marvellous opportunity to hone my crochet skills and learn new stitches. So as the blanket progresses, I might stray into unknown territory with puffs, popcorns, shells or something even more testing. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I have been practicing in anticipation of the mammoth task on hand. I have crocheted this sparkly scarf, all in half treble crochet, as a Christmas present for my son. It’s not finished yet, but it’s four more sleeps till the big day, and I am sure it will find it’s way under our Christmas tree in time for the Big Unwrap.

A scarf for Christmas

19 Dec 2015

The Sound of Music at The Lowry

I have lost count of the number of times I have watched the film version of The Sound of Music. I have never had the privilege to watch it on stage at the theatre. Until now, that is.

A brand new production of The Sound of Music is currently on tour and I was lucky enough to catch the show at The Lowry where it is currently playing.

And so for the second time this week, the C-household headed over to Salford Quays to watch musical theatre

It takes something special to fill Julie Andrews' shoes. Lucy O'Byrne managed it with aplomb. The runner-up of The Voice UK has an endearing stage presence and exquisite vocals that had even my 4 year old son spell-bound. She has that cheeky innocence about her that we have come to associate with the character of Maria. 

17 Dec 2015

Mr Popper's Penguins at The Lowry

We have always enjoyed going to the Salford Quays as a family. From The Imperial War Museum and Beefeater restaurant to the Lowry shopping centre, there is always something to see or do by the quayside. My favourite spot has to be The Lowry Theatre. I enjoy theatre and it is a love I hope to pass on to my son.

J made his debut as audience at The Lowry earlier this year, and I was delighted to take him on his second theatre outing this weekend. The weather was distinctly miserable as we made our way to watch Mr Popper's Penguins.
Mr Popper's Penguins at The Lowry

15 Dec 2015

A Toblerone Fondue for Christmas

What is better than Toblerone at Christmas? A mountain of Toblerone at Christmas! That's precisely what I thought as I stood staring at a large mound of Switzerland's legendary milk chocolate resting in my kitchen.

Toblerone - milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat

I could have just eaten it all, of course. But it is the season of giving and I am trying really hard to give up chocolate. So I roped in the family to help polish off some of the Toblerone. 

Rather than munch on the divine honey and almond nougat studded chocolate triangles as is, we decided to get creative with it. "Let's do a chocolate fondue," went the cry. "Fun-do! Fun-do!" chimed in J. 

11 Dec 2015

Bake Box: The Subscription Box for Bakers

I do enjoy watching The Great British Bake-Off as much as the next person. But the fact remains that I am no great baker. Occasional muffins, biscuits and cakes, yes. Kouign Amann, Schichttorte, Religieuse a l’ancienne, I'll have to start by learning to pronounce those first!

So what am I doing writing about The Bake Box, you might wonder? Well, it is the season of giving, and I am revealing the secrets of this brand new subscription box for the benefit of my readers. Especially those who like to bake, are good at it or simply want to get started with it. Or if you, like me, know a couple of fantastic people who would appreciate a Bake Box subscription as a Christmas present.

Bake Box: The Subscription Box for Bakers
Image copyright: The Bake Box

9 Dec 2015

Moving Eyes Rudolph Christmas Jumper by MorphCostumes

We are not necessarily a Christmas Jumper family. We do Santa hats and reindeer antlers and tinsel, but not jumpers. This year however, I have decided to buck tradition and kit the entire C- household in new Christmas jumpers. Reason being I am singing in a choir on Christmas Jumper Day, and can’t do so without a Christmas jumper.

Having seen my bright red festive jumper, J insisted on having one too. So now he has a bright red jumper that, coupled with his hat, transforms him into a mini Father Christmas.

That leaves M. Not one to don Christmas jumpers with the requisite festive fervour, it will take something more than Rudolph's red nose to get him into a piece of bright red clothing.

Moving Eyes Rudolph Christmas Jumper by MorphCostumes

1 Dec 2015

Itty Bittys by Hallmark: review and giveaway

They are cute, cuddly and collectable. They are the Itty Bittys - a fantastic new range of plush toys by Hallmark. They are all the rage stateside and have crossed the pond this autumn, just in time for Christmas.

Itty Bittys by Hallmark UK

30 Nov 2015

Learn to Crochet with Black Sheep Wools

My love affair with crochet began quite by accident. I was in year 7 and had to complete a knitting project as part of our home economics class. Given that I was utterly hopeless with all things 'home' at that phase in my life (I am not claiming to be any better now), it wasn't long before I was battling my knitting needles.

A dear friend took pity and offered to teach me to crochet instead. Crochet, it turns out, was a ‘home economics’ approved, acceptable alternative to the deadly rows of knits and purls.

Learn to Crochet with Black Sheep Wools

24 Nov 2015

Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Kits

You know when you are looking to serve home-cooked food for dinner every night but are stuck for ideas? Or are too exhausted to cook from scratch but still want something delicious and nutritious to feed the entire family?

Enter Old El Paso with their new Stand ‘N’ Stuff taco kits. We tried them for dinner tonight and ended up with our very own Mexican feast for Taco Tuesday.

Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Taco Kits

15 Nov 2015

BISSELL PowerGlide® Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Last week we celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights. It meant the house was in need of a good, thorough clean and gave me the perfect opportunity to put the new Bissell PowerGlide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner through its paces.

BISSELL PowerGlide® Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

9 Nov 2015

Cravendale: The Milk Drinker's Milk Story

Cravendale: The Milk Drinker's Milk Story

Once upon a time, not very long ago, there lived a little boy called J. He lived in a house in a small town with his Mummy and Daddy. He was a good little boy, but there was one thing that was a big problem.

Little J was very specific about the milk he liked to drink. He only liked to drink milk that was pure, delicious, great-tasting and fresh-smelling. It had to be a certain temperature, not too hot and not too cold. And it had to be served up in his favourite hand-painted mug. The one he had painted himself when he was a little toddler.

8 Nov 2015

Oddsockosauraus - a book review

"Aai, why are dinosaurs dead?"
"What does extinct mean?"
"Aai, what is an asteroid?"
These and a zillion other dinosaur related questions flow relentlessly from J between mouthfuls of fish fingers. The food varies daily, the questions do not. They are now a staple of our dinner table conversations.

I wonder what it is about dinosaurs that make them so appealing to children. Whatever the reasons, dino mania is here to stay. 

7 Nov 2015

Big Blogger Christmas Giveaway

The countdown to Christmas has started. It is an exciting and expensive time of year, what with parties to plan and presents to buy. Wouldn't it be marvellous to have that extra wad of cash in your pockets to make this Christmas even more magical? Well, this is your chance.

This Christmas I have teamed up with a wonderful collection of bloggers to giveaway an amazing prize just in time for Christmas. One lucky winner will be walking away with a fantastic £150 worth of Amazon vouchers while two runners up get £30 each (if the winner is from a country other than the UK the prize will be delivered via PayPal cash).

3 Nov 2015

Our Stay at Travelodge South Shore, Blackpool

Having spent more than half my adult life in the north-west of England, it is rather unfortunate that I had never visited Blackpool. All that changed this weekend when Travelodge Blackpool very kindly invited us for a stay.

There are two Travelodge hotels in Blackpool. We booked in to stay at the Travelodge South Shore.

Travelodge South Shore, Blackpool

1 Nov 2015

Convertible Train Playmat and Book Review

What can you give a little boy who loves trains? And books? A train book, of course. Better yet, a train book that doubles up as a playmat and then folds over into a train engine. 

That is precisely what this book from Miles Kelly does. J was excited to find out that he can not only read, but play with and literally get into his new Convertible Train book. 

Convertible Train Playmat and Book

29 Oct 2015

Wickey Sandpit Flip - Review and Giveaway

Don't know what it is about sand that makes it appealing to young and old alike. When he is not at the beach, which unfortunately is not very often, J loves to get down and dirty in the grainy stuff in the confines of a sandpit. 

His hand-me-down plastic one was getting rather worn. So the opportunity to review a Wickey Sandpit Flip came at just the right time.

Wickey Sandpit Flip - Review and Giveaway

20 Oct 2015

Trolley Bags - Review and Giveaway

The current changes to the law governing use of plastic carrier bags means more and more of us are now choosing to bring in our own bags to do our shopping. That, and the fact that it is environmentally friendly to do so.

Trolley Bags are a novel concept in re-usable bags that promise to make shopping and packing that much easier. I was sent a set of original Trolley Bags in pastel colours and I have been putting it through its paces during my weekly shop.

Trolley Bags

12 Oct 2015

Butterfly World by Interplay UK

J has enjoyed reading about the very hungry caterpillar since he was a little baby. We have followed its journey from a tiny to a big fat caterpillar and then on to a beautiful butterfly in print numerous times.

When Interplay UK offered us the opportunity to review Nick Baker’s Butterfly World, it was the perfect opportunity to experience metamorphosis in real time.

Butterfly World by Interplay UK

29 Sep 2015

Reception Year : Settling In

So you were worried about your precious little ones starting in reception this September. You wondered how they would cope, if they would settle in nicely and be happy.

Here are six signs, indicators that your offspring is coping brilliantly with the challenges of being in reception.

Reception Year: Settling In

24 Sep 2015

Getting Started with Theradome

I have recently been gaining a forehead. That is just a polite way of saying I am losing hair. It is falling off in clumps, in the shower, tangled in the detangler comb, stuck to the hair brush and randomly floating on bits of clothing and furniture. Not nice. Not nice at all.

Especially given that around four years ago when I fell pregnant, my hair felt like that of Rapunzel. The thick and shiny tresses lasted till about J was a year old. And then it began. Thinning, falling, tumbling hair, like leaves off a tree in autumn.

Getting Started with Theradome LH80 Pro Laser Helmet

21 Sep 2015

We went to Diggerland!

Where is the best place to take someone who loves diggers? Diggerland, of course! Diggerland is not your ordinary theme park. It is an adventure playground where all the family can get hands on with real full size construction machinery. You can operate a giant JCB digger or get behind the wheel of a dumper truck (as long as you are over the minimum height).

We went to Diggerland!

My four year old little boy can’t seem to get enough of tractors and diggers. Needless to say, he was over the moon at the prospect of visiting Diggerland. We chose to go to the Yorkshire site, as it is convenient from where we are.

13 Sep 2015

Memorise by Hotter Shoes

I’ve pledged to walk the school run as much as possible. This means walking around 4 miles every day, five days a week. What I was looking for as I prepared for the start of the new school year was a fabulous pair of shoes that would keep my feet happy as I trudged to and from school twice daily.

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to review the new Memorise range from Hotter Shoes. Having tried a pair of stunning Hotter Shoes before, I knew my feet would be well cared for in a Hotter pair. I was spot on.

Memorise by Hotter Shoes

10 Sep 2015

Have I Failed As A Parent?

“Aai, do you miss me?” My son asks as we get ready for his second full day at reception. “I so do!” I say aloud, while my heart sighs, “More than you could ever know, my darling.”

“But Aai, you can get all your work done,” he pipes up. I hug him close and am enveloped in guilt. Is that all my son remembers from our four years together? Me working? Have I really not made any better memories for my little boy to cherish? Something to bring a smile to his face?

Have I Failed As A Parent?

9 Sep 2015

A Day at Knowsley Safari

When was the last time you were so close to a lion that you could have reached out and touched it? And it wasn’t even in a cage? I was, when we went to visit Knowsley Safari this summer.

I had never visited a Safari before, so was quite excited and honestly, a little bit nervous about coming face to face with all the animals.

Knowsley Safari

7 Sep 2015

Making Memories This Summer

I did not make a bucket list for summer, but I sort of knew what I wanted out of these holidays. I think we've done rather well, spending the last six weeks making memories as a family. We've had our fair share of grumpy, tears and tantrums. Overall though, it has been a beautiful summer of incredible fun despite the distinctly miserable weather. We start reception today, and it is the perfect time to reflect on the summer that has been. Here is a collection of holiday memories we will always cherish.

Making Memories This Summer

1) J's first visit to the theatre to watch The King of TinyThings.

2) Our walking holiday in the Lake District, our first as a family, where we walked, we climbed, we rambled to reach the top of Brent Fell and Loughrigg Terrace.

3) Catching fish in the lake and then setting them free.

4) Building all sorts with Lego.

5) Picnics in the park with soft and fluffy white bread sandwiches and crisps.

6) Riding on a steam train.

7) Our first visit to Go Ape and doing the Tree Top Junior adventure as a family, including the zip wire.

A Memory Jar full of Summer Memories
8) Going on a mini- beast adventure in the back garden.

9) Eating lots of ice-cream. And strawberries.

10) Watching the Minions in cinema and sharing a large bucket of popcorn between the three of us.

11) Foraging for wild blackberries, picking apples in the garden and going berry picking at the local farm.

12) Play dates with friends we don't see at school.

13) Completing the summer reading challenge at the local library.

14) Shopping for J's first school uniform.

15) Enjoying family meals at nice restaurants.

16) Pyjama days at home doing nothing but snuggling on the sofa in front of the television.

17) Visiting Knowsley Safari park and getting oh so close to all the wild animals.

18) Playing in the back garden and the local parks. That includes climbing trees.

19) Trying our hand at a game of badminton.

20) Doing chores around the house. Yes, my son loves helping his parents in the house and garden. 

So there you have it. Perhaps not an extensive list of all the things we got up to, but a reasonable snapshot to jog our memories if ever we need a reminder of what we did as a family this summer.

We have also added all our beautiful memories to a summer memory jar. It was a lovely way to relive our precious moments as J went about scribbling words and drawing pictures for our jar.

Disclosure: We were given a Robert's bakery soft and fluffy white bread and a mason jar for our summer memories for this post. All opinions are my own.

24 Aug 2015

Ideal Home Improvements

When I first set eyes on our house, I knew I had found my dream home. It ticked almost all our boxes apart from the fact that it came with a high maintenance garden. We were not alone in thinking this was the perfect home. There were other interested parties who were as taken with its quirky charm as I was. Then followed a couple of weeks of nail-biting tension and something that bordered on a bidding war before we got the house.

Next came the tricky bit. Trying to make that house our home, decorating it to our taste and to suit our needs. M and I have diametrically opposing views when it comes to most life choices. We were constantly at loggerheads trying to decide what to buy and in what colours. All within the constraints of a limited time frame and an even more limited budget. And with a toddler in tow.

23 Aug 2015

Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley

Who doesn’t like Henry the vacuum cleaner? You can’t help but fall in love with the cheeky smile and sparkling eyes of the only cleaning aid with a friendly face! And so it was with my little boy. He had only to clasp eyes on Henry before he was taken with the smiley face.

Only this time, instead of the real, functional Henry, we were looking at a miniature replica. I am talking about the Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley. It comes in the red and black colours of the original Henry and includes a very realistic Henry spray mop complete with a bottle of liquid dispenser and a cloth. Also included are a long-handled broom, brush, dustpan and waste bag. All of these sit smartly on a trolley with wheels that can be pushed along from one room to the next as you go about your chores.

Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley

19 Aug 2015

BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar Giveaway

I distinctly remember the day I found out I was pregnant. There was shock and disbelief, quickly followed by exultation. And then began the scouring for information. There was always something new to read and a new milestone to look forward to. My baby is now the size of a bean. Baby has a heartbeat. I can feel movement. The kicks are getting stronger. I am that big, I can barely breathe!

I had lots of details available on the internet and there were books to read. What I would have really liked was something bright and entertaining to look at as I traversed this most incredible of life's journeys. Something fun and cheerful.

The BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar by Splash Brands is just that. It is bright, it is beautiful and it is packed full of interesting trivia.

BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar by Splash Brands
Image courtesy Splash Brands

17 Aug 2015

The King Of Tiny Things by Metta Theatre

I was exposed to a lot of children's theatre growing up as my Mother is very much into arts and culture. Now I am a mother, and I would like my son to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences that will enrich his thinking and broaden his horizons.

He is four, and having never attended a theatre show before, I wanted to take him to his first live stage show over this summer.  Metta Theatre invited us to review The King of Tiny Things, and I could not have asked for a better production for J to make his debut in the audience. 

                  The King Of Tiny Things by Metta Theatre

16 Aug 2015

Creating Our Dream Home with Lego

I remember the day we viewed our house. It was love at first sight and I knew I had found my dream home.

My son begs to differ. He has a completely different idea about what his dream home should look like. At four years old, he is not boxed in his thinking. Conventions don’t apply, and tradition just doesn’t cut the mustard. Imagination is the name of the game when you are that little.

What better than Lego then, to help drive his architectural fancies and turn them into reality! Here it is, the house of J’s dreams, conceptualised and brought to life by my precocious four-year-old. And spurred on by the Lego Dream Home competition hosted by Ocean Finance.

5 Aug 2015

Of Kenwood, Currys, Cakes and Bakes

The new series of The Great British Bake Off starts today, so the timing of this post could not be better. I enjoy watching GBBO and I love to eat cake. My baking prowess sadly, extends only to baking the odd banana loaf. I have never put anything in a bain-marie before. And the only soft and stiff peaks I am know of have nothing to do with baking.

Of Kenwood, Currys, Cakes and Bakes

So when the lovely people at Currys and Kenwood invited me to an Introduction to Baking course (#CurrysInTheKitchen), I wasn’t about to refuse. The fact that the venue was the beautiful Wilmslow Cookery School in Cheshire, a few doors down from a Ferrari showroom, was added incentive.

As it happens, all baking on the day was done using the Kenwood kMix that, not unlike the Ferrari, is sleek, sophisticated and simply stunning. And comes in a bright scarlet in addition to other pretty colours.

2 Aug 2015

Nick Baker's Bug Safari by Interplay UK

J has never been one for creepy crawlies. He is not particularly worried by them, but neither will he go out of his way to gush over the petite cuteness of a snail. Having said that, he is not averse to spotting mini beasts in the garden. Every time he sees one, I hear an excited scream of, “Snail!” or  “Bumblebee!” or “Ladybird!” or something similar.

The child has a highly inquisitive mind. The questions start at dawn and carry on relentlessly till bed-time, sometimes beyond. Between us, M and I answer all that we can, proffering logical explanations for most queries. It almost borders on scientific enquiry.

Nick Baker's Bug Safari by Interplay UK

1 Aug 2015

Loup De Mer - Sunday 02/08/15

From the main menu at Cafe Rouge: Seabass fillet & sauce vierge with tomatoes, basil, olives, sugar snap peas and new potatoes. I have no hesitation recommending this delightful plate of food to any seafood lover out there.

Loup De Mer


28 Jul 2015

A Brand New Children's Menu at Cafe Rouge

It is Sunday afternoon and we are headed to our local Café Rouge to check out the new children’s menu on offer. We have always enjoyed family meals at Café Rouge, so are terribly excited that they have introduced a brand new menu pour les enfants.

Unlike the adult menu, the children’s menu is a 2-in-1 affair. It doubles up as an activity sheet with puzzles, word jumbles and pictures that little ones can colour in while they wait for their meals to be served. They can even make a little postcard to send to a friend detailing what they loved most about their Café Rouge experience.

A Brand New Children's Menu at Cafe Rouge for £6.95

26 Jul 2015

A Summer of Memories

J broke up from nursery school this Friday and I have just spent the weekend organising his uniform for the start of reception in September. It is hard to believe, but my son is on the verge of the single biggest transition of his little life. It will be the first time he will be away from me for hours on end, five days in a row. How will my little J cope? Quite well, I think. How will I cope, I do not know.

A Summer of Memories

24 Jul 2015

The Blogger Interview

I have never, ever been interviewed in my life before (job interviews do not count). Why would I? I am neither rich nor famous. Or infamous, for that matter.

When the lovely Zena at Zena's Suitcase asked if I wanted to do The Blogger Interview, I thought, "Why not?" I had only recently been the interviewer asking lots of questions to a fellow blogger and author. It should be interesting to see things from an interviewee's perspective. Especially as this might be the only interview I ever get to do!

So here goes. A no-holds barred insight into my blogging soul.

20 Jul 2015

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm Giveaway

Carbon monoxide (CO) is called the Silent Killer for a reason. The gas has no colour, no smell and is potentially deadly. It is formed when any fuel like coal, wood, oil or gas fails to burn properly, without a good supply of oxygen in the air. Exposures to high levels of carbon monoxide even for short periods of time can prove fatal.

We generally associate carbon monoxide with boilers and fireplaces in winter. Who would have thought that the gas can prove just as deadly in the hot summer months!

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm Giveaway

19 Jul 2015

Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmer

What is better than a Yankee Candle? A Yankee Candle that is smokeless and mess-free. That’s right. With the Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmer that is exactly what you get.

The Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmers are a new range of flameless heaters from Yankee Candle designed to melt wax quickly and efficiently, leaving your home smelling delightful. They come in five designs so you can pick one to suit your taste and to go with your home décor. They would make a lovely housewarming or Christmas present.

18 Jul 2015

Pick Your Own Strawberries - Sunday 19/07/2015

Pick Your Own Strawberries


The Colours of India

India is a land steeped in history. India is a land of diversity trying to find its identity in a modern world. It is a land where culture amalgamates with current and people are constantly treading the fine line between traditional and contemporary.

This mishmash of ‘has been’ and ‘is’ is evident in all walks of Indian life. From food, transport, clothes to technology and work, there is nothing in India that has remained impervious to the advent of modernism.

One thing however, has remained unchanged through the ages. The Colours of India.

The Colours of India

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