23 Dec 2014

Christmas Crafts at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event

It was last Sunday when I was invited to attend the Laura Ashley Christmas Crafts event and came face to face with my nemesis of many years - the sewing machine. I see that it has undergone dramatic modernisation since our last encounter years ago, when I so successfully managed to destroy my Mother's trusty old Singer of many years.

I had accepted the invitation to try my hand at some Christmas crafts, and I was not about to shrink from the challenge. But it was with an element of apprehension that I cautiously approached this new-fangled piece of technology masquerading as a sewing machine.

Christmas Crafts at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event
I really should not have worried at all. The lovely ladies from Ministry of Craft, Manchester soon put us at ease with their confident detailing about the tasks on hand. Under their relaxed guidance, I soon had little pieces of cloth pinned on what was to become my bunting Christmas present sac. And then it was time to get to grips with the sewing machine. And its foot pedal.

Christmas Crafts at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event

It must have been a stroke of beginner's luck (or perhaps re-starter's luck), for I was whizzing away like a (almost) pro in no time at all. The little bunting pieces got stitched on, as did the satin ribbon. Then it was a matter of sewing around the edges to make the gift sac, before stitching up the top edge and threading through the ribbon that would function as a tie.

Christmas bunting present sac at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event
Ta-dah! The bunting present sac was all done and ready. Not bad for a sewing novice, I think. And I did not wreck the sewing machine in the process. Certainly a first, given that I had this uncanny propensity for doing exactly that in my past life.

Christmas bunting present sac at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event
Onwards and upwards. After a short break for refreshments, I moved over to making an origami gift box and bow with Laura Ashley wall-paper. I like paper crafts, so this was more my cup of tea. I was quite at ease folding wall-paper, creasing it, cutting it and shaping it to look like a rather lovely gift box.

Origami gift box at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event
Origami gift box at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event

The large gift bow looked quite complicated to begin with, particularly after glancing at the elaborate instructions that were placed in front of us. But it was a joy to actually make the bow after following a demonstration by the team from Ministry of Craft.

All the instructions to making the gift box and super sized gift bow are on the Laura Ashley blog. Do pop over for a read and have a go at making it yourself. It could add that special touch to all your Christmas presents this year.

Here is the gift box and bow I made at the Laura Ashley Christmas Crafts event. I am quite pleased with the end result, even if I say so myself.

Origami gift box and bow at the #LauraAshleyXmas Event
This was one of the more enjoyable blogger events I have had the good fortune of attending. Learning new skills, conquering old fears, meeting some familiar faces over a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits. All the things that I like.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the #LauraAshleyXmas event for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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