6 Nov 2014


She squinted into the sea of faces around her as the midday sun blinded her with its blazing glare. All she wanted was to see his face for the last time. There was so much she wanted to say to him. But it was too late now. The hour was drawing near.

It was the books. It had to be the books. Piles upon piles of precious treasures that had unlocked the mysteries of the universe to her. The stars and the planets had become her constant companions through those long, lonely days. Days that stretched into the emptiness of cold hard nights.

He had been so compassionate. He had brought succour to her frail body and tired mind. And led her on this perilous quest.

But it was not his fault. It was The Men. The Men who did not understand her. She was, after all, but a woman. What did she know? Or perhaps she did. They had felt weak in her presence, their power threatened.

There was only one way out. This is where it had brought her.

And then she saw him. He looked so much older than she remembered. His care-worn face was glistening in the stream of tears that flowed unabated from his kind eyes. She caught his eye and held his gaze. She wanted to tell him that she loved him, always had, but the words caught in her throat. If only.

The roar from the throngs at her feet brought her to her senses. No, she would not cry. She would not scream. She would not give them the pleasure of seeing her writhing for mercy.

The dark smoke was curling up like a great big snake lumbering from a deep slumber, ready to strike its cowering prey. She could smell the burning oak-wood.

She felt a  sudden, sharp pain at her feet. And then the smell of burning flesh.

Prose for Thoughtmumturnedmom


  1. There's something eerily beautiful about this piece, and I absolutely adore it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a lovely piece so well written I love it

  3. This is chilling (despite the fire, no, because of the fire!). Really well written and captivating. I want to save the poor woman. It's unbelievable to think this really did happen to people. #Theprompt #Prose4T

  4. Well this is dramatic! Very well written and I'd love to read the chapters leading up to it. #theprompt

  5. Oh, this is really good! A love story hidden in horror. Brilliant, thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  6. Definitely want to know about these characters and what made her so powerful. Why doesn't he save her! Brilliantly written x


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